Thursday, 24 April 2014

How to get more hits if you are a UK politics blogger

Questions you could ask about Claire Khaw on your politics blog:

  1. "Is Claire Khaw mad?"
  2. "If you think Claire Khaw is mad, what are your reasons for doing so?"
  3. "What is the most insane thing Claire Khaw has ever said, to your knowledge?"
  4. "If you find Claire Khaw's solutions detestable, what are your reasons for doing so?"
  5. "Do you hate Claire Khaw more because she is right rather than because she is wrong? (If you say she is right, then it must mean that your government has been wrong about domestic and foreign policy for several decades.)"
  6. "If Claire Khaw were white and working class and male, would you be more or less likely to support her?"
  7. "Is there anything Claire Khaw has said that you think makes sense?"
  8. "Do you know is meant when people used to say 'Marriage is an institution'?
  9. "Do people in the West respect marriage?"
  10. "Should people respect marriage?"
  11. "Is gay marriage not only immoral but also an oxymoron?"
  12. "If you could choose anyone to be leader of the BNP, would you choose Claire Khaw?"
  13. "Is Claire Khaw a force for good or evil?"
  14. "What do you think of Claire Khaw, the woman who conceived of Secular Koranism?"
  15. "Would Claire Khaw change the image of British nationalism and nationalism generally if her ideas were adopted?"
  16. "Is Claire Khaw right about how feminism has adversely affected Western men and ruined their characters and morals?"
  17. "Is Claire Khaw right about how men can just take control again if only they dared to assert their masculine authority?"
  18. "Is Claire Khaw right about why, out of the patriarchy and the matriarchy, the patriarchy is always the lesser evil?"
  19. "Would you like to attempt to overthrow the matriarchy and re-establish the patriarchy through joining Claire Khaw's keyboard army?"
  20. "If keyboard activism were ideological warfare, is Claire Khaw a Field Marshal?"
  21. "Which party would you like Claire Khaw to be Director of Communications for: UKIP or the BNP?"
  22. "Is Claire Khaw capable of making nationalism an attractive, inclusive and morally respectable ideology that is no longer racist, antisemitic or Islamophobic?"
  23. "Would you describe Claire Khaw as a philosopher?" 

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