Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Jeffrey Marshall stopped from renewing his BNP membership because Nick Griffin fears defeat in 2015 leadership contest

What should Jeffrey Marshall do if he is expelled from the BNP?

What should Jeffrey Marshall do if the BNP ignore his requests for an explanation as why they will not renew his membership?

Would you like to speculate on why the BNP is refusing to renew Jeffrey Marshall's membership?

Jeffrey Marshall looks nothing like you. He is not known to support your ideas or even discuss them, so why do you think the BNP say they confuse you with him?

Did you really offer to buy the BNP from Nick Griffin?

£200K to buy the BNP sounds a pretty good offer for the pariah party that it is. I imagine most people wouldn't want it even if it was offered to them free. Why doesn't Nick Griffin take you up on it? You would probably have to withdraw your offer after second thoughts, and end up looking stupid.

Would you really give Nick Griffin £200,000 to buy the BNP off him?

What has the BNP to do with your "kingdom for a horse"?

Why don't you just start your own party instead of trying to buy the BNP for £200,000? It costs much less to register a political party.

What is the stamp you wish to put on British nationalism?

The BNP already says it is both an ethno-nationalist and civic nationalist party. What is the big deal about making it officially and exclusively civic nationalist?

Nationalism has always been about national identity, and our race forms a significant part of our sense of identity. Why deny that?

You say you don't want to have to deal with accusations of nationalists being racist, antisemitic and Islamophobic. Why deny the truth? Most of them are.

Say you paid £200,000 to Nick Griffin and he handed control of the BNP to you. What is there to stop him from starting another party?

If Nick Griffin took the money and took all his supporters with him to his new party, wouldn't that be a devastating blow to your political ambitions?

If Nick Griffin's supporters took his supporters to his new party, you would be left with no one, wouldn't you?

As I was saying, you would be left with no one in the party if Nick Griffin took all his supporters to his new party. It would be an empty shell of a party with just you as the cracked egg shell with nothing in it, wouldn't you say?

Who are these "few good men" you have in mind? Jeffrey Marshall? Eddy Butler?

What will you do with the BNP after you gain control of it?

How would proposing to repeal the Equality Act 2010 and abolish No Fault Divorce advance nationalism?

How would destroying feminism help advance nationalism?

How has feminism caused the decline of the West?

How does feminism undermine the institutions of marriage and the family?

Are you saying that your cunning plan is to use the BNP to destroy feminism?

How will you use the BNP to destroy feminism?

Isn't the BNP already anti-feminist?

Isn't the BNP already anti-feminist?

Isn't the BNP already anti-feminist?

How do you know Nick Griffin won't promise to repeal the Equality Act 2010 in the BNP manifesto for GE 2015?

Why do you think the BNP only pays lip service to anti-feminism but won't propose any practical steps to destroy feminism? Does this story suggest that UKIP are not going to repeal the Equality Act 2010?

Why is it imperative that the BNP promise to repeal the Equality Act 2010 if UKIP won't?

If feminism succeeds what will the long term consequences be? and what will the consequences be after that?

How would it help if the BNP promised to repeal the Equality Act 2010? It is not like they are going to do better than UKIP who won't be proposing that.

Are you so sure having you sell BNP policies would have the desired effect of improving their vote?

Nobody in the BNP cares about the Equality Act 2010. Those losers are not exactly known for their enterprise and initiative, are they? Those tossers have probably never heard of it and wouldn't know anyone who has.

How likely do you think Nick Griffin would be to appoint you BNP Director of Communications?

If you are really suggesting that this is a win-win situation for you, and you are a member who was expelled as long ago as 2011, and it really is true that you are in a win-win situation, then you must be a political genius. Are you?

Do you think Nick Griffin is embarrassed and uncertain about having to explain marriage - something that is clearly out of the reach of the kind of people who infest the BNP?

What makes you think you can explain marriage to the BNP's core supporters better than Nick Griffin?

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