Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Multiple choice test to help BNP members appreciate marriage and fear feminism

1.  What is the purpose of marriage?

A.  To show your partner you love him or her until you no longer do
B.   It is for people who can afford to get married.
C.  It is for the rearing of the next generation in optimum conditions,
D.  It has no purpose

2.  "Marriage is eugenic, bastardy dysgenic."  What does this sentence mean?

A.  It means we should marry before we have babies to stop the national gene pool deteriorating.
B.  It means men should pump and dump sluts.
C.  It means it is OK to be disabled.
D.  It means it is OK to have sex before marriage as long as you love each other.

3.  What happens if most people don't respect marriage?

A.  Your country fills up with immigrants.
B.  Your own government conspires to replace the white working class and fill the country with immigrants.
C.  You will be treated as second class citizens in your own country.
D.  All of the above.

4.  "Marriage is an institution."  What does this mean?

A.  Marriage is a piece of paper not good enough to wipe your arse with.
B.  It is a delicate mechanism that should be understood, respected and practised for the good of your society and your descendants.
C.  It means it is OK to have sex before marriage.
D.  It means there is no need to stay married because there are plenty of fish in the sea.

5.  Why do Jews exploit nationalists?

A.  Because they are greedy blood suckers.
B.  Because they hate us as much as we hate them.
C.  Because they are rich.
D.  Because more of them practise their religion by respecting the institutions of marriage and the family than the white working classes.

6.   Why do immigrants do better than the white working class?

A.  Because British employers prefer to hire them.
B.  Because the government protects them with PC laws.
C.  Because they cheat and lie and rob and undercut indigenous workers.
D.  Because there is a conspiracy against the white working classes

7.  Which is the ideal?

A.  To be married before you have babies
B.  To have sex with anyone who asks you if you are asked nicely
C.  To have sex with anyone if you can't think of anything better to do
D.  To have sex with as many people as you can

8.  What is feminism?

A.  It is an evil ideology that subjugates men and destroys the civilisation their ancestors created.
B.  It means women are always right.
C.  It means men are always wrong.
D.  It is something we must support because women say they need it.

9.  What is a feminist?

A.  Someone who will not contemplate repealing the Equality Act 2010.
B.  Someone who undermines marriage.
C.  Someone who says it is OK for sluts to be sluts.
D.  All of the above.

10.  What is the purpose of destroying feminism as a viable and moral ideology?

A.  To destroy a cancer of society.
B.   To discourage women from being sluts and breeding bastards who grow up to be criminals.
C.  To stop sluts corrupting the morals of men and destroying their civilisation.
D.  All of the above. 

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