Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Muslims enjoin good and forbid evil, Orthodox Rabbi goes with the flow of PC Liberalism

The state would have been wiser to make civil partnerships obligatory for all couples, heterosexual or same-sex. After that, people could celebrate marriage ceremonies in synagogues, churches or elsewhere as they saw fit, without giving these any legal force or involving a re-definition of “marriage”.

It is disingenuous for Jews to claim that the novel same-sex unions have any halachic foundations or that they are in any way related to Judaism. When movements do what is expedient for their membership rather than maintain any relation with halachah, it creates a clear fault-line in the Jewish world. The rush to follow society’s current mores severs the links a Jew has to the Torah, the ultimate source of morality. This wholesale demolition fails the faith of our ancestors, defying justification.

That so many Jewish leaders feel that adopting gay marriage is supremely Jewish says more about how far they have strayed than how true they are to their own traditions. Why not just say no? Is “no” really only kosher if you are Orthodox?

Attempts to bring Orthodoxy to work with the other movements, over issues such as conversion, now appear utter folly. Until recently, some might have turned a blind eye, arguing that different streams did not hold totally antithetical approaches and had much in common. But same-sex marriage is a “kosher pork” moment. With this latest extreme departure, Orthodoxy and the rest of the Jewish world stand on either side of a gulf, which can only become wider.

"You do what you like, but we will go the extra mile, if you don't mind."  That is the safest position to take in an environment of enforced PC Libtardism, I know.

The Jew is libertarian.  He will follow his religion as befitting a member of the Chosen People, leaving those who do not wish to follow or cannot keep up to fall by the wayside, thus indirectly proving the superiority of his religion.  The Muslim is however under a duty to forbid evil and enjoin good.  Judaism is an exclusive golf club, Islam is a political party.  

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