Saturday, 5 April 2014

Nationalist anger at Marks & Spencer making a "leading lady" out of Doreen Lawrence

I suppose it could be said that even if Lady Lawrence were not making milking her victimhood to the last drop for all it was worth, her body shape of that of the middle-aged matron would be useful to Marks & Spencer intent on appealing to women with Lady Lawrence's body shape. would make her look the part when she goes to the House of Lords (or similar) to whinge about her victimhood or any other business.

Below are some choice nationalist comments to a proposal to boycott M&S:

"Boycott? Can't afford to shop there anyway"

"We are second class citizens in our own country I'm sick of her and her drug dealing son in the papers and on tv all the time"

"To be fair though, Doreen is one of the world's most beautiful and glamorous fashion icons..."

"Clearly that's why she was chosen"

"Can they make it any clearer - that we don't count, that one hundred years after the start of the 'war to end all wars' we are nothing in our own country?"

"M&S paid for the Community Security Trust. The CST are a Jewish vigilante group that spent most if their activities "smashing up National Front meetings". This is what their founder told me."

What about Lee Rigby's mum?  Is there a campaign to make Mrs Rigby one of the "leading ladies" of M&S in 2015?

The mother of Lee Rigby and her husband wearing a UKIP tie

If not, why not?

Answers on a postcard, or a comment below, please.
BNP tie
UKIP tie (UKIP tie cheaper than BNP tie!)

Is it cos she would spoil it for the other leading ladies that M&S might choose?  The other leading ladies would of course be fashionable metropolitan liberals who would cringe at the idea of being associated with a despised member of the white lower classes, who might vote UKIP, or, worse, vote BNP.  The photo shoots would be not be a success.

Would the likes of Emma Thompson be cuddling up to the mother of Lee Rigby?  Her husband wore a UKIP tie on TV! 

Would the likes of Emma Thompson be so casually putting her hand on the shoulder of Lee Rigby's mum?  Why, she is practically BNP!  Consummate actress though she is, she would be struggling to repress her feelings of revulsion ...

This photo of those who showed up for the sentencing of Lee Rigby's murderers and the feelings of revulsion it arouses in the metropolitan liberal elite is the reason why Lee Rigby's mum won't be one of  next year's M&S "leading ladies" even though she is an even greater victim than the mother of Stephen Lawrence. Lower class white people are lower than the lower class black criminals as far as white middle class liberals are concerned.
Harriet Sergeant, a member of the white liberal metropolitan elite posing with black gangstas.  Would she be seen *dead* near lower class criminal *whites*?  What do you think?

What have white working class culture got to offer?  Chas and Dave?  Morris dancing?

And this, boys and girls, is why Lyn Rigby won't be invited to become one of the leading ladies of M&S next year or ever, even though her son is the biggest victim ever.


A socialist Facebook friend ironically proclaimed:

"All together now! Join the campaign for for Ms. Khurvaceous Khaw to be the new M & S model heartthrob!"

Well, I wouldn't mind being one of M&S leading ladies cuddling up to Mishal Husain, Suzanne Moore, Cathy Newman, Harriet Sergeant, Anne McElvoy etc and getting all those free clothes next year.  The person I would most like to cuddle up to is really Delia Smith, hint, hint, hint, M&S!

What about Blue Harbour?  Will we find the likes of Nick Griffin and Nigel Farage looking good in smart casual? Or do all the male models of Blue Harbour have to be beautiful young men?  Would M&S like to explain the reason for this blatant sexism?  

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