Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Quora have banned Claire Khaw PERMANENTLY and she never even said anything that bad

No, they have not given me a reason, and it is apparently not their policy to do so.  It saves them from having to justify themselves, you see, or being forced to engage in some philosophical debate about what is "possibly insincere" and what kind of attention is needed when your question "needs attention".

Should I be nasty and tell people not to use Quora?

Of course not.  I am a forgiving sort of soul and I forgive libtards, for they know not what they do, being indoctrinated into thinking that the worship of the right to have extramarital sex trumps the worship of anything else in the entire universe. They are PC Libtards and Feminists who cannot countenance their views being challenged without instinctively clicking DELETE and BAN.

In spite of this I shall encourage people to use Quora and suggest clever new ways for them to market it.

I know Quora is now inquorate without me.

My latest suggestion was to get people to pay to be members of a Free Speech version of Quora. That wasn't well received for some reason.  I would be prepared to pay for the free speech version of Quora, and I am sure others would too.

One day I shall return to Quora to conquer and be crowned Queen.

I know they already miss me and know how much traffic I generated just by being there. I could have been Queen of Quora by the end of the month, but the female admins weren't having any of it. If I did become Queen of Quora, feminism would fall and Quora would be blamed for the downfall of feminism.

While the feminist admins successfully effected my exile, there will be their male colleagues who dislike the way how things are done in a matriarchy.  All the men have to do is tell them that free speech reigns supreme, not feminist victimhood and undeserved female privilege.

They just need to take courage and aim their arrows at the matriarchal monster squatting over them  ....

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