Saturday, 19 April 2014

Quora have discovered Claire Khaw

Taylor SmallNoise. 
No, and nope.

The reason people find it hard to believe you're being sincere is because the opinions you've expressed here are so extreme and unusual that to most people they come across as absurd.  I imagine this is a natural reaction for most people who aren't on the far-right/extreme end of the MRA thing.
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Claire Khaw
That's cos you guys are mostly PC Liberal.
Taylor Small I know plenty conservatives who are opposed to gay marriage, who would balk at the description 'pc liberal', yet would still react with disbelief were you to repeat the opinions you've expressed here to them.
Claire Khaw
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I have been told that my views are somewhat unusual.
Juan Gallardo Mmmhhhmm Not sure why they would think that. 

Especially considering all the hard work that you do to spread love towards single mothers. 

Or maybe it was how much you help to spread free love on your blog 

You seem very tolerant and full of love
Ankit Sethi
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much understatement. very giggle.
Dan Holliday
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Taylor Small

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