Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Storm Quora, that bastion of PC Libtardery on this St George's Day! Besiege their foul feminist ranks, for Khaw Ra, England and Saint George!

All you have to do is join Quora and

1.  follow my questions at


2.  upvote my comments at

One you are there downvote all comments that sound like libtardery.

If you are not clear, come back and ask me.

If keyboard activism were warfare, I am Field Marshal.  Do not forget this.  

We shall oust the libtards and defenestrate the feminists, and by doing so save Western Civilisation from Sluts and the Demented Matriarchy making our descendants stupider and stupider, sluttier and sluttier and more and more bastard, degenerate and retarded with their libtardery.

Once more unto the breach, my friends!


snork maiden said...

I've joined Quora, just so I can observe the ensuing mayhem. Thus far it's a bit quiet, have you got many recruits yet? I shall be disappointed if nothing happens.

Claire Khaw said...

Have you done what I asked you to do, ie follow my questions and upvote my comments and then answering and commenting on them?

snork maiden said...

Nope, I thought your request was aimed at your supporters. I'm just an impartial observer here.

Claire Khaw said...

Are things hotting up, Snork?

snork maiden said...

Not especially. Some of your questions have 3 upvotes, did you get that many votes before you were banned? It's a pretty big community, I think you have a slightly better chance disrupting it than you would Facebook, but not much. What's your actual plan again?

Claire Khaw said...

The do weird stuff like move your questions to a dark corner where no one can see it unless they were following it in the first place.

My plan is just to turn it from Libtard to Conservative.

snork maiden said...

Getting banned then encouraging readers of your blog to troll there isn't a very good start.

Claire Khaw said...

What would be a better start?

snork maiden said...

To make cogent and respectful arguments and win people over to your way of thinking with logic and reason? As opposed to ranting about sluts and 'libtards' until people get fed up with it and ban you, and then mounting a futile harassment campaign in revenge for being banned. Why can't you go back to harassing the BNP, that was funnier.

Claire Khaw said...

I think these questions are pretty cool.

1. Why not reintroduce slavery?
2. If there are just wars are there also just acts of terrorism?
3. "Terrorism is the result of bad government policy." Is there any truth in this statement?
4. If God is the most powerful idea we can conceive of, should we not use this idea to assist us in improving our government?
5. Can you think of anything more powerful than God ie a supreme being who is omnipotent, unique and perfectly moral?
6. What is the problem of Liberal Democracy?
7. Why has the BNP been eclipsed by UKIP?
8. What are the principles of the Democratic Party?
9. To whom would you have awarded the Golden Apple if you had been Paris?
10. Did God send the serpent to tempt Eve who tempted Adam to eat the apple because He was just looking for an excuse to kick Adam and Eve out of Eden because they were playing their music too loud, eating him out of house and home and getting under his feet?
11. Should "possibly insincere questions" just be called "possibly offensive questions" and the complainant be required to state the reason why he or she was offended?
12. Quora Moderation: What can I do about Quora members who are victimising me by falsely claiming I have asked a rhetorical question?
13. "The fatal flaw of representative democracy is that voters never vote for or against a political party on the basis of its foreign policy." Is there any truth in this?
14. Do voters vote for or against a party on the basis of its foreign policy in sufficient numbers to make a difference every time there is a general election?
15. Are the American people being targeted by Muslim terrorists because they don't care about US foreign policy and keep voting for the same parties with the same policies supporting Israel?
16. Is continued US support for Israel no matter which party is in power a reason to re-examine the supposed virtues of representative democracy?
17. Why do terrorists become terrorists?
18. Should people who don't understand or care about foreign policy be allowed to vote?
19. "Terrorism is the result of bad government policy." Is there any truth in this statement?
20. If there are just wars are there also just acts of terrorism?
21. What is the difference between being a slut and a nymphomaniac?
22. Why do some liberals have an aversion to discussing sexual morality?
23. Do men need protection from women?
24. Was female suffrage a grave and tragic error? Page on
25. Is the purpose of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity to make Christians feel different to and better than Jews and Muslims?
26. Do men and women think and behave differently?
27. What are principles and what are they for?
28. What is social cleansing?
29. Are people more likely to respect marriage if they believe in God?
30. Could Man have created God to protect him from Woman?
31. No justice for this judge - Telegraph Judge stands up for marriage is reprimanded and has had to retire. Is this justice?
32. I can't sit and watch the misery of divorce, says judge as he quits How effective will his protest be?
33. If God was invented by Man, what was the purpose of this invention?
34. What is the purpose of social cohesion?
35. Is religion just another word for "state ideology"?
36. Does this mean Liberalism is a state ideology, just like Nazism, Socialism, Feminism, Fascism and Communism?
37. What is the purpose of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity?
38. Does feminism encourage female promiscuity?
39. Is illegitimacy linked to crime and under-achievement?
40. Could Secular Koranism work in the West?
41. Has Claire Khaw noticeably increased member activity at Quora with her "philosophically challenging" questions?
42. Should Claire Khaw be added to the list of celebrities on Quora at Which celebrities have accounts on Quora?

Claire Khaw said...

43. Is Claire Khaw a troll or an "activist-philosopher"?
44. Should Quora have a special category of questions called "Probably Offensive Questions"?
45. Is "Possibly Insincere Question" an euphemism for "a question challenging to the beliefs of a complainant which he or she finds offensive"?
46. According to my stats on Quora, I have 6.52k views. Is this a good score?
47. Do too many people conflate "trolling" with "people expressing views they dislike"? Are these people mostly liberals and/or feminists?
48. Is the concept of "possibly insincere questions" a form of catch-all censorship?
49. Should Israel be a theocracy?
50. Which of the following religions prescribe honour killing? (a) Judaism (b) Christianity (c) Islam (d) none of the above. Are you surprised by the answer?
51. Can you in theory be Messiah of the Jews if you are neither male nor Jewish?
52. Should no fault divorce be abolished?
53. Should it be compulsory to agree a marriage contract before we can marry?
54. What *number* is Holocaust Denial, in the sense of what is the *minimum number* we must say to avoid being accused of Holocaust Denial?
55. Do all the Abrahamic faiths promote more or less the same moral precepts?
56. 83% of female MPs voted for gay marriage while only 48% of male MPs did. What does this mean for feminism?
57. If liberals care more about their liberty to have extramarital sex more than anything else in the world, including the future of their nation and the future of their civilisation, what sort of people are they?
58. Was World War II really necessary?
59. Was WW1 really necessary?
60. If Hitler wanted the Germans to be a superior race, why didn't he just convert them to Judaism and shoot anyone who wouldn't?
61. Would you rather kill someone intentionally or kill someone unintentionally?
62. "Marriage is an institution." What does this mean?
63. Judaism = Thesis Christianity = Antithesis Islam = Synthesis Has there been a pattern of progression in the Abrahamic faiths and is Islam "the latest model"?
64. The Bhagavad Gita: "Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil." Is there truth in this statement?
65. "Marriage is eugenic, bastardy dysgenic." Is this true?
66. Sluts are fornicatresses and therefore all fornicatresses are sluts. Do you agree?
67. Is Western civilisation being compromised by the irrational and irresponsible reproductive choices of immoral women who produce inferior-quality offspring compared to their mothers?
68. Does respecting marriage mean forbidding extramarital sex?
69. Are people getting stupider and stupider the more extramarital sex they have?
70. Should Spinster Single Mothers be lashed 100 times?
71. What is a libtard?
72. What does it say about you if you confuse "your" with "you're"?
73. Are all theocracies the same?
74. Which is the lesser evil: the matriarchy or the patriarchy?
75. Was indiscriminate universal suffrage a grave mistake and is it a continuing error that should be corrected as soon as possible?
76. A one-party state is the middle way between a monarchy and a democracy. Do you agree?
77. The correct question to ask is not whether God exists, but whether it is useful for most people to believe in Him. Do you agree?
78. Does feminism undermine marriage?
79. How would you define evil?
80. Would you as a matter of principle object to living in a theocracy?
81. Is feminism evil?
82. Should political parties by amenable to judicial review?
83. Should rape be treated as a personal injury for which financial compensation is payable by the guilty party?