Friday, 4 April 2014

The real reason why Godfrey Bloom said Nigel Farage is not up to the job of being UKIP leader

He should have said it, but did not, doubtless because he feared the wrath of Emma Barnett, who is clearly a prominent member of the matriarchy and who patronised him pitifully throughout that interview.

I know the real reason and it is as follows:

Thu, 14 Nov 2013 13:24:35 +0000
Subject: Equality Act 2010
Dear Godfrey
Would you happen to know what the UKIP leadership's view is on the repeal of the Equality Act 2010?
Kind regards
Claire Khaw

On Thursday, 14 November 2013, 15:56, Godfrey Bloom wrote:
To be brutally frank the UKIP policy is as follows:
1. Leave the EU
2. Strict immigration policy
3. Bring back grammar schools
4. Support fracking, bin wind turbines
All very good. There is nothing else, which is why I left in despair.
Kind regards

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 10:40:14 +0000
Subject: Re: Equality Act 2010
If UKIP or any party at all proposed to repeal the Equality Act 2001 and to reintroduce fault into divorce, would you approve?
Kind regards

Sent: Friday, 15 November 2013, 15:09
Subject: RE: Equality Act 2010
Kind regards

Dina Rickman complains:

Mr Farage’s ex-flatmate Godfrey Bloom said in an interview with the Telegraph Wonder Women just this week that women should not expect maternity leave or pay from businesses.

Lest we forget, Mr Bloom had the Ukip whip withdrawn after he called a roomful of women “sluts” and whacked a journalist on the head with a piece of his party’s propaganda - but not when he said small businesses should be able to sack pregnant women. This attitude to maternity rights isn’t libertarian, it’s draconian. As a society, I thought we were past the assumption women need to choose between working and having a family.

I guess you thought wrong, Ms Rickman.  If the Equality Act 2010 has adverse consequences for men, children, the elderly and society in general, then I guess we are not "past the assumption women need to choose between working and having a family". You may think it draconian, but it is also draconian to have thoughtcrime legislation, especially in a society that prides itself on being liberal.

The female journalists of The Telegraph don't like anti-feminism, in their tribal and amoral way, and see fit to insult and denigrate anyone who threatens feminist hegemony. clearly demonstrates that Nigel Farage fears the matriarchy and has no intention of kicking it in the goolies.  Repealing the Equality Act 2010 would be the legislative equivalent of kicking feminism in the goolies.  Bloom wants to while Farage dare not because he is a moral coward, and this is the fundamental philosophical disagreement between Bloom and Farage.

There is a certain danger in allowing feminists to have too influential a voice in matters of policy, for they cannot be trusted.  They cannot be trusted because feminism is an ideology that does not ever consider the long term national interest, only the privileging of women simply because they are women, though the heavens may fall.

The male readers of The Telegraph should be put on notice that their interests are being gravely threatened by allowing these self-interested and selfish women to destroy whatever's left of social conservatism.

It is quite clear from that women and men think and act quite differently.  Why did 83% of female MPs vote for gay marriage while only 48% of male MPs did?  The entire premise of feminism is based on a pernicious lie that will destroy your civilisation.

The principles of feminism are as follows:

  1. Men can have extramarital sex without getting pregnant.
  2. Because men can have extramarital sex without getting pregnant, it is OK for men to have extramarital sex.
  3. Women must be treated the same as men.
  4. Women must be treated the same as men even if they are the ones who get pregnant after having extramarital sex. 
  5. Women are right even when they are wrong. 
  6. Men are wrong even when they are right.
  7. Women are equal to men.
  8. Women are superior to men.
  9. Although women are equal and superior to men, they still need the protection and provision of men.  
  10. Women are to exercise the prerogative of the whore: power without responsibility.

This cancer of society must be surgically excised through the means of

  1. repealing the Equality Act 2010
  2. abolishing No Fault Divorce
  3. abolishing Child Benefit

or the decline and degeneracy of the West will be terminal and irreversible.  


snork maiden said...

Out of interest, where did you find that list on the core principles of feminism? I don't recall reading anything about that in The Female Eunuch.

Claire Khaw said...

You cannot deny that the principles of feminism that I have outlined are the ones that are in fact practised by feminists.

snork maiden said...

I can deny it and I do. Have you ever actually met a feminist? By I don't mean insulting one on Twitter or haranguing women with disabled children on the radio.

Claire Khaw said...

Anyone who won't repeal the Equality Act and abolish no fault divorce are feminists. Most British people are feminists.

snork maiden said...

That's nice to hear. I hope you are right. Though my question should have been have you met anyone who identifies themselves as a feminist, as opposed to being defined by you as one?

Claire Khaw said...

Are you denying that you are

1. a feminist

2. against repealing the Equality Act 2010

3. against abolishing NFD?