Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tory spin doctor bites hand of F4J activist Matt O'Connor

Biting is what girls and children do, and certain has-been boxers like Mike Tyson.

I still have no idea what this is all about though I have taken an interest in F4J.

I suspect the reason why F4J has not taken off is because of the incompetence of the woman to whom Matt O'Connor has entrusted the publicity of F4J.

She is after all his wife.

My line was to launch a full frontal attack on feminism and kick it in the goolies, so to speak. This means toppling its three pillars by (1) repealing the Equality Act 2010 (2) abolishing no fault divorce and finally (3) abolishing the welfare state.

Instead, all we get from Nadine O'Connor is passive-aggressive whingeing about Early Day Motions.

By the way, I nearly went to a party of Adrian Yalland's with Claudia Dalgleish a few years ago.

We were going to drive down that weekend and stay in a hotel.  It never happened in the end, but the idea of spending a weekend in a hotel room alone with the sex bomb of the BNP makes me smile wistfully even now.

Sex Bomb Claudia Dalgleish with whom I nearly spent a weekend by the seaside

The new sex bomb of the BNP is the lovely Tina Gentry.

Try as one might, can one remain undistracted by her beauty?

In defence of Adrian Yalland

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