Thursday, 8 May 2014

A theory of case for the killing of Reeva Steenkamp by Oscar Pistorius

In capturing the scene in the main bedroom, Van Staden took pictures of bloodstains on the wall, above the bed. These can be clearly seen in the pictures, but, as yet, they remain unexplained.

The smears were on the left hand side of the bed, metres from where Steenkamp’s black overnight sports bag lay on a sofa.

There are also blood spatters on the duvet, which was found on the floor, towards the foot of the bed.

These were not immediately visible as the duvet lay crumpled on the floor. Van Staden discovered them when he opened the duvet up in his quest for evidence.

Neither the duvet, nor the headboard was positioned between the bathroom and the bedroom door. The en suite bathroom is reached from the bedroom along a passage and, in carrying Steenkamp out of the bathroom, Pistorius did not need to advance towards the double bed, which stood against the bedroom wall.

Did he make a detour or was the blood already there?

There is also blood on Pistorius’s bedroom door, and on a box of expensive watches sitting on speakers on a table in his room. There is even blood on the faces of some of the watches.

Neither the State nor the defence’s versions of events provides an explanation for the presence of blood in the bedroom.

A theory:

He beat her in the room, that's why they found blood behind the bed, on the wall or headboard, and on the watches that was on the side table, the remote , CD, and tissue box on the floor, also the duvet, and the hole in the bedroom door. She ran to the bathroom to protect herself from him, that's when he shot her.

Oscar Pistorius was not wearing his prosthetic legs when he broke down the lavatory door he shot girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp through, a police forensics expert has claimed, contradicting the athlete's own version of events.

Lt Col Gerhard Vermeulen, the police forensic expert, said the way he determined Pistorius had swung a cricket bat at the door indicated that he was standing on his stumps.

Pistorius has said that he fired four times at the locked lavatory door because he thought an intruder was inside.

He had not put on his prosthetic legs to fire the shots, he said, but when he realised he had shot Miss Steenkamp, he put the legs on to break down the door.

Lt Col Vermeulen was instructed to swing the Lazer English Willow cricket bat – signed by star players including South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs – repeatedly at the door in a bid to determine Pistorius's position when he did so.
Lt Col Vermeulen takes part in the reconstruction of the hitting of the door with the cricket bat

Lt Col Vermeulen takes part in the reconstruction of the hitting of the door with the cricket bat

Swinging the bat at shoulder height, he hit the door higher than marks he said had been made by the bat. Going down on his knees and swinging again, he hit the mark directly.

"The marks on the door are consistent with him not having his legs on," he told the court.

But in cross-examination, Barry Roux, Pistorius's lawyer, argued that Pistorius was wearing his legs and simply standing in a different position when he swung the bat.

He had the police expert kneel then lift his feet off the ground behind him. If he could not balance enough in that position to swing a bat, Mr Roux said, nor could Pistorius.

"I'm no expert but if he has enough balance to fire a firearm, he has enough balance to hit with a cricket bat," Lt Col Vermeulen responded.

Mr Roux then had the police scientist get to his feet but stand further back and lean forward as he swung the bat again so it matched the impact marks on the door.

Lt Col Vermuelen told him that position was "unnatural" but Mr Roux replied that for an amputee wearing prostheses, it might be "more natural".

Oscar Pistorius’ girlfriend had packed her bags and wanted to leave the athlete’s house following an argument before he shot her, his murder trial heard today.

Prosecutors said Reeva Steenkamp’s overnight bag was neatly packed with her clothes, including underwear and tops, but that her jeans were left out on the floor.

Pistorius claims he fell asleep at 10pm after dinner at 7pm, and woke later at around 3am before “accidentally” shooting the 29-year-old model through his locked bathroom door thinking intruders were about to attack them.

Who locks a toilet room door IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?

A. An intruder who wants his or her privacy in the toilet
B. A girlfriend who wants to temporarily get away from an out of control boyfriend
C. A girlfriend who doesn’t realize that her boyfriend is so crazed and/or murderous that he will shoot her through the bathroom door four times
D. B and C

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