Monday, 5 May 2014

Are British women out of control with their unashamed and disgraceful sex tourism?

Denise Hardwick and her second Gambian partner Daniel

Denise Hardwick with her first Gambian husband Badou kiss on their wedding day

Denise Hardwick holds picture of her wedding day

Most men from other countries know Western women are desperate and desperately stupid. They fall for any old trick, even the supposedly clever and educated ones. 

A friend of my mother told me how she had to extricate this English solicitor who fell in love with some Malay village boy who only wanted her for her passport. This female solicitor was prepared to marry him after he climbed a coconut tree, plucked a coconut and then presented it to her in lieu of an engagement ring. 

Eventually, after much patient persuading did she manage to dissuade this English solicitor in her 30s from marrying this Malay village boy. 

As for the British men who are desperate to have any woman who ain't white and British, well, I think you already know how bad the problem is. 

What I have noticed is this: British men cannot bear British women and British women cannot bear British men, especially the older ones. There is basically NOTHING THERE but mutual contempt and disdain if neither of them finds the other physically attractive, and this tends to happen when both parties are middle-aged or older.

Of course foreigners are more fun. Whatever weird stuff they do can be excused on the grounds that they are foreign, which is exotic, romantic and different to the usual crap you get from someone of your race and class.

I had a male white friend who tried and tried with white Englishwomen until he gave up and married a Filipina. He is happy there now, even if occasionally he hears the locals calling him a paedo if he looks too long at any woman or child.

How are the mighty - the former masters of the universe - fallen.  

Instead of plumbing the depths of stupidity and depravity, isn't it about time they tried keeping their trousers and knickers on, instead of fucking themselves into hell in their handcart?


Anonymous said...

What is the point of this article? You begin by asking whether British women are out of control, then suggest that British men may be out of control as well. Your only conclusion seems to be that British men and British women do not find one another attractive. Well, they can't help that, can they?

Claire Khaw said...

My point is that gender relations can be improved by slut-shaming.