Friday, 30 May 2014

Banned by libtards from a debate group even though I didn't break any rules

Being that Claire seems to be going for the world record number of offensive and troll posts i feel the need to ask.
Where the bloody hell are the admins lol...
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  • Neil Daniel Kro Norton Couldnt agree more. Her and Hayden are facists.
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  • Shaw Green I have yet to detect a violation of our terms of use. Please believe me I am watching carefully. Being bonkers and holding offensive views isn't enough sadly.
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  • Simon Turner I think the best way to deal with this is to not give her attention. If everyone ignores her then she will go away.
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  • Ben Field I don't think I can take seeing her on my news feed anymore. . Lol
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  • Frank Webster I saw Claire Khaw's name on here and blanched- I was hoping she'd been locked up or deported, but clearly I was wrong
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  • Simon Turner I remember reading comments Old Holborn on Twitter wrote (right wing troll) and he said essentially to stay the f**k away from her. She and someone else were also banned from attending a political conference I went to a few months ago, her response was hilariously insane.
  • Mark Bell She is clearly a troll and, subjective views about Hayden opinions are not relevant, but I think she should be allowed to continue posting.

    I realised very quickly she was not real and just ignore her.
  • Frank Webster Didn't she write a letter to CCO demanding David Cameron's expulsion from the Tories for not being right-wing enough?
  • Shaw Green I have asked one of the senior admin to take a view I have deleted her post advocating parental murder of disabled children.
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  • Mark Bell Lol Frank, many of us would agree with that.
  • Caine Michael Just block her personally..
  • Hayden Geeves Claire Khaw Ra is real Mark Bell. You should add her.
  • Mark Bell No don't block her. Once you allow blocking it ruins a debating site.
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  • Caine Michael I mean personally from your OWN FB..not the group...
  • Mark Bell She comes across as loopy Hayden. Not my sort of person I'm afraid.
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  • Caine Michael Click her name, go to her profile, find block....etc
  • Mark Bell I still think don't block her Caine. If too many do, debates stop making sense.
  • Caine Michael It will to me..
  • Tom Dufall Can we have a survey on where they are? Claire would love another survey I'm sure
  • Shaw Green Claire wont be bothering us for a bit due to being offensive towards disabled children and genuinely offending even me and my tolerance of free speech.
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  • Tom Dufall Is there a way we can maybe allow her to comment but not start posts?
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  • Janie Mac You can't block people just because their opinions differ. If they are trolls. Do not feed them have a note pinned to the top of the page who not to feed lol
  • Tom Dufall Just saw your response got in before my question
  • Shaw Green We rarely ban anyone permenantly and it isn't my decision but she was spamming like crazy and the comment on allowing parents to kill disabled kids under 18 was beyond the pail.
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  • Claire Bouskill Personaly tom I wouldnt give her any platform. I havnt seen any of her posts but anyone who adbocates or uses trolling to advocate murder of disabled children deserves to be banned
  • Caine Michael Sounds like deliberate trolling...
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  • Ben Field Compared to other political pages on Facebook on the whole this page is the best I've found in having good debates with valid points and opinions. We don't need her to sour it up!!
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  • Tom Dufall I agree exactly with what you've done, freedom of speech is important but there are limits, some people need a temporary ban to cool off and reconsider what they're doing. It wasn't just the fact the topics were controversial (not bad in itself), but there was a large volume of them and they were put in a way designed to provoke rather than facilitate discussion. For example, ending a question with '[statement] because I am a libtard]' or posting polls with two polar options which are completely compatible, for example 'is it more important to support marriage or feminism.'
  • Joanna Kubizna Well the issue is solved so i suggest we move on and enjoy the rest of the evening
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  • Lloyd Nihil Moralium Davies I post this half joking didn't think that many folk were just as offended or irritated :')

    But aye killing off disabled kids... Lush person ._.
  • Tom Dufall I think you can certainly have discussion on whether parents have a right to choose if a disabled child is euthanised at birth (i.e. life above all vs quality of life), but she was just aiming to provoke a response.
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  • Tom Dufall It's quite similar to the whole euthanasia argument, except the child can't convey their wishes (similar to euthanasia of those unable to give full informed concent), and you have to decide what counts as qualifying or you end up on a very slippery slope. Lengthy and controversial debate.
  • Simon Turner I very rarely call someone hateful but that is what she is. I'm not sure blocking her is the best response as I think it could have been done better had we just ignored the cowbag.
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  • Caine Michael A troll is a fake profile deliberately causing uproar...its called baiting..
  • Mick Constable "I have yet to detect a violation of our terms of use. Please believe me I am watching carefully. Being bonkers and holding offensive views isn't enough sadly.”

    Spamming the page ?

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