Tuesday, 6 May 2014

British celebrity wives infamous for their faithlessness and treachery

You already know that your ex-wife can take you to the cleaners and get more or less half your stuff whenever she fancies a divorce, for no good reason. All she has to be is bored and irritated with you and fancy a change.

If she is really malicious, she can accuse you of paedophilia and deprive you of your children, while still compelling you to pay for them.

You can be assured of breath-taking injustice in the Family Courts whose judges are mostly men-hating female judges.

Family courts sit in camera, which means no journalist can report on any injustice meted out to you. This is justified on the grounds of the children's privacy.

When you declare an official marriage strike, the idea is to induce the smarter, self-respecting kind of women to declare a sex strike.

If this state of affairs persists then national extinction will be the consequence, since only stupid sluts, slags and slappers will happily get knocked up by low-life losers and become the "wives" of the taxpayer, who have been the victims of this kind of forced marriage.

Don't look to the government to do anything. They are too scared and spineless. Somebody might get upset or offended and they might - shock horror! - lose precious votes.

To recap the battle plans of this Gender War:

PHASE 1 - Marriage Strike by Men

PHASE 2 - Sex Strike by Women

PHASE 3 - negotiation of the marriage contract resulting in

1. the reintroduction of fault in divorce.

2. the presumption of children staying with their mother until 7

3. the presumption of children being in the care of their fathers after 7, so that their children are not abused (sexually, emotionally or physically) by any unsuitable new male partner of their ex-wife

You know it makes sense.

Do it to show you know what it means to be a man.

Do it to get a Decent Wife.

Do it for the next generation.

Do it for your country.

Do it for Western civilisation!

Women, don't even think about giving him sex if you want a husband and a father for your children until you get that ring on your finger!

Being easy meat only encourages men to think they don't need to commit to any woman to get sex. is the MARRIAGE CONTRACT CLUB which is also a Claire Khaw Group connected to this project to renegotiate the terms of male and female co-existence in the context of bringing up the next generation.

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