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Claire Khaw discusses the politics of football with her Facebook friends

Is the shit performance of the England team a physical manifestation of SSM-caused degeneracy?

FB Friend 1 
England play 3 matches in the first round of the World Cup Claire, against Italy, then Uruguay and then Costa Rica. 

It's a group of 4 teams and the top 2 teams progress through to the next round. 

3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. 

I don't expect England to finish in the top 2.
England's white rugby team failed in the New Zealand World Cup because they were too busy getting smashed and chatting up slags in bars. 

England's white cricket team got their pale arses handed to them by the Aussies during the Ashes tour earlier this year. 

All those nutritionists, sports psychologists, nice new shiny uniforms and they still couldn't do anything worth a damn! 

Can't blame wor blacky for those failures.

I'd wager 95 per cent if not all of the members in England's 1966 football and 2003 rugby World Cup winning squads were two parent, father and mother raised.

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Absolute nonsense. We are shit because our players give more of a fuck about their multi-million dollar day jobs and the FA don't know their arses from their elbows when selecting managers. We could have had Hiddink or Mourino and instead chose Roy Hodgson. Says it all.

 "We could have had Hiddink or Mourino and instead chose Roy Hodgson."

I don't really take an interest in football and so don't know why you say what you do. Could you expand a little on this a little more, please?

FB Friend 2
They are two of the best managers in the world with amazing track records of success. Instead we chose a mentally challenged fat bloke with no imagination purely because he is English.

Really? Was that the real reason?

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I cannot think of a single other reason why Hodgson would be chosen over the other two. If it were my decision he wouldn't have even been considered once Mourhino and hiddink had thrown in their hats. Either one of them would have been next, next level by comparisson.

Was an OFFICIAL reason given?

FB Friend 2
Not sure, even if it was, you cannot believe a word that comes out of the mouths of those doddery old fuckwits at the FA. Bunch of holier than thou, know nothing gobshites that have spent too long in their pissy smelling ivory tower.

Perhaps Hodgson was just cheaper.

Perhaps they already know that the England will play like shit as usual so there is no point wasting money on them cos you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

FB Friend 2
No Claire, we have the players! In paper our team is pretty sweet and individually they are great, week in week out for their league clubs. All that is missing is a manager with imagination, authority and the ability to mould them
Into a team and we should be getting to the semis in every competition. The FA are just crusty old dickheads though that need to fuck off.

FB Friend 1
Fabio Capello is one of the greatest managers not only in the history of football but in the history of sport.

He managed England at the last World Cup in 2010

England stank!

The players simply are not good enough.
They do have talent but what they lack is the mental strength, determination and FOCUS for tournament play.

In other nations such as Germany, Holland, Italy, Brazil the players tell themselves "we need to concentrate on nothing but football for this tournament."

The English players complain, "Oh i'm away from home, i'm bored, I miss my family, I miss my Xbox and Playstation, I want a beer, I want fish and chips etc etc".

And i'm not exaggerating, this is the mentality of Engalnd's players.

Capello won league titles with AC Milan, Juventus and Roma in Italy.
Real Madrid in Spain.
And he won the Champions League with AC Milan.
He is now taking Russia to the World Cup in Brazil, they qualified top of their qualification group ahead of the mighty Portugal which was a fine achievement.

Let me tell you all something here and now.

If Fabio Capello couldn't get England to win a major tournament, then nobody can!

The players are too mentally weak and too fucking childish to cope with the pressure and hard grind of tournament play.

FB Friend 2
Capelli was too weak to dominate the team and bend them to his will though. He had their wives and girlfriends out there at the comp! You think Hiddink would have stood for that shit? Not a chance. I know what you are saying but at the same time, when the talent is there it is down to the manager to have the strength and balls to smash the right attitude into them. Capelli put up with shit that he shouldn't have. When you have a bunch of prima donnas you have to dominate. The teams he was successful with run so deep that the slightest infraction and you are replaced. Every game is a fight for your place and the bonuses that come with it. If he'd had the balls to ban wags at the cost of the players place it would have been an entirely different team. That (combined with the inste Scottish ability to spot a bargain) is exactly why Furgeson was so successful. Personally, I have been more impressed with what Hiddibk has done with very average players. He took the fuck all that was the Korean team and the average Russian team and turned them both into competitive international sides. He did that by dominating and forcing his players to bend to his will. If someone could do that to England it would remove the things that you outlined that hold them back.

Can someone please confirm for me that Hogson was not cheaper than Mourhino and Hiddink?

FB Friend 1
Hodgson would definitely be cheaper.

FB Friend 2
Sure. He'd do it for a couple of pies and an England hat!

So you think my theory is correct? The FA just didn't think the England Team would ever play well enough to make it worth the expenditure?

Is it a bit like knowing you have a thick kid and not busting a gut to send it to a decent school?

FB Friend 2
No. They are just idiots.

FB Friend 1
They paid Capello £6m a year and it didn't work out, which was the players fault not Capello's.

The FA wisely decided not to take another financial gamble.

Understand something.

Woy Hodgson is hugely respected in the game.
This isn't a typical uneducated old dinosaur.

He is a cultured man who has worked across the globe.

He was successful in Sweden with Malmo.
He was successful in Italy with Inter Milan.
He took Switzerland to the World Cup in 1994
He took little old Fulham to European club final and since he left Fulham they have suffered and struggled.

He is a smart manager but the reality is England are at best, 9th or 10th in the world.

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