Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Why does Dr Adam Rutherford not mention marriage at all in his series about eugenics. Surely shome mistake?

Not quite sure what Dr Rutherford finds so "moronic" about what was said at

“To say one's child might be brighter than the norm is obnoxious. To suggest it's genetic, just adds insult to injury and to publish scientific findings confirming that the reason some children do better than others at school is due to differences in their DNA, is controversial”.

That statement alone tells us so much about the craven, infantile, over sensitised state of the BBC, its staff and probably a good section of modern Britain, all of whom are far too easily “offended”.
The programme was so dumbed down and trivialised that it even included a song and dance act by someone called Tim Minchin!

Obviously, not everyone can excel at sport at the highest level or learn to play a musical instrument to classical concert standard, and few can understand the advanced mathematics required to follow Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Theory.

The best we can do is to accept the genetic pack of cards we are dealt at the random point of conception and do our very best to exploit the abilities they give rise to.

In the Radio 4 programme, the fear was expressed that such genetic research might be used for “political purposes” which is, of course, what the current debate about multiculturalism and “racism” is all about ad nauseum.

I wonder if they will dare mention in the remaining two programmes the average differences in IQ between different racial groups, results which are consistent and won’t go away (just a reminder – East Asian (Chinese etc) 106, white European 100, African American 85, black (sub Saharan) African 65.
(Measured by culturally unbiased, standardised IQ tests.)

It is now the second episode and marriage is not even mentioned.

I just discovered today that he has blocked me. Perhaps he is angry with me for showing him up by pointing out that he has not mentioned marriage.  I bet the third and final episode does not mention marriage either.  

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