Monday, 19 May 2014

How England team can get treacherous feminazi bitches out of football completely by under-performing even more in World Cup 2014

Is the shit performance of the England team a physical manifestation of SSM-caused degeneracy?


2010 results for England

England v United States 1-0
England v Algeria 0-0
Slovenia v England 0-1
Germany v England 4-1

Are the German illegitimacy rates lower than Britain's?

2010 results for Italy

Italy v Paraguay 1-1
Italy v New Zealand 1-1

2010 results for Uruguay

Uruguay v South Korea 2-1
Uruguay v Ghana 1-1
Uruguay v Holland 2-3
Uruguay v Germany 2-3

2010 results for Costa Rica

They didn't even qualify.

It would be humiliating for England to be beaten by Costa Rica.

Will England get past Uruguay to the next stage?

Or will the England team be demoralised by treacherous feminazi bitches Rani Abraham and Heather Rabbatts Clearly, the feminazi agenda is more important to Heather Rabbatts than the performance of the England team.  Who the fuck gives a shit about woman's football anyway except women?

Women can't "chest" balls, can they? Their boobs will have have the effect of a sponge and not allow them to do so with the same efficiency and bounce as when a man chests a ball. I bet they never do it anyway.

Instead of talking about chesting the ball they ask stupid questions like this at

Why are senior men in football even bothering with this shit and getting into trouble over it, like Richard Scudamore?

Will England footballers be demoralised by the sacking of Richard Scudamore?  Even if he is not sacked, will team morale be destroyed by the matriarchy ritually humiliating him?

Will he be too fucking scared to sue that treacherous feminazi bitch Rani Abraham for breach of confidence, or the employment agency who supplied her?  

We already know who to blame for the shit performance of the England team to come, won't we?

SSMs who have deprived their sons of their fathers don't tend to take their illegitimate bastard sons to football practice, do they?

Did you know that most British mothers are SSMs?

The England Team already knows what to do, I think, to make the point: give an even shittier performance than they are already known for to make a point and get treacherous Feminazi bitch Heather Rabbatts sacked as "Chairman" of the FA.

Just play as badly as you possibly can to make your point.
How does it feel to live in a PUSSYWHIPPED CUNTRY?
England team pussywhipped by Feminazi Heather Rabbatts who doesn't give a shit about team morale

Rani Abraham: a distinction should be made between "whistle-blower" and "treacherous feminazi bitch"

Richard Scudamore:
Executive of Premier League about to be ritually humiliated by treacherous feminazi bitches who don't give a shit about football. 

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