Monday, 19 May 2014

How to hurt UKIP, prove its Islamophobia and put its only Muslim MEP candidate in an awkward position
What is the religion of Sam Solomon ,who drafted this charter?

Do Jews never use violence to get their way?

Do liberals never use violence to get their way?

Isn't sauce for the goose also sauce for the gander, or not in UKIP Land?
Gerard Batten introduces Amjad Bashir, no on stage demands for him to sign the undertaking, and no public signing of charter by Amjad Bashir ...

What would happen to Amjad Bashir if he did?  Would he be considered a heretic by other Muslims? Would he be getting a brick through his window instead of Gerard Batten?

If I had been UKIP Directrix of Communications instead of that dullard Paul O'Flynn I would have made Nigel Farage make Gerard Batten formerly withdraw that proposal, but that risk-averse moral coward Nigel Farage is probably too afraid to tackle him because of his perceived seniority.  

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