Saturday, 3 May 2014

I believe I have been banned from posting or even contacting Platitude of the Day

This was what I would have posted on Hinduism:

The best little book on Hinduism is by K M Sen.  

It is the most ancient of religions and is rather clever in its way, claiming to be philosophical, monotheist and polytheist at the same time.

It should be noted that Hinduism is very ruthless about  foreigners and women which Akhandadhi Das necessarily has to sanitise for Western liberal sensibilities.  

It deals with foreigners of other races by having a caste system and deals with women through suttee (widow-burning) and by imposing a requirement that the bride's family pay the groom's family to marry her. The reasoning is very simple: the man can afford to wait, while the woman cannot. Think of the dowry that the bride has to pay the groom as the fee you pay someone to tow your broken-down car away.  

Hinduism also has this rather interesting idea about the corruption of women.

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