Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Middle-aged non-white ex-BNP member happy to step into the shoes of former UKIP yoof leader Sanya-Jeet Thandi

It is doubtful that UKIP needs a youth movement anyway, and with today's drug-addled, sex-addicted, PC Libtard youth they are more trouble than they are worth, in my opinion.  However, to demonstrate my undoubted political genius, I am prepared to step into the breach though the job I really want is that of Director of Communications.

As Director of Communications, I would ask this disloyal woman the following questions:

  1. Have LSE students been giving you a hard time?
  2. Have LSE students been threatening you and shunning you?
  3. Are you easily intimidated?
  4. Do you think UKIP is more trouble than it is worth? If so, why?
  5. How do you think your treachery to the political party you joined is going to affect your reputation, should you decide to join another political party?
  6. Is steadiness of purpose one of your attributes?
  7. Is loyalty to your cause one of your attributes?
  8. Were you not aware that there is a grey area between being an anti-immigration party and an anti-immigrant party?
  9. Were you not aware that the white working class vote who would have gone to the unashamedly BNP now come to us?
  10. Do you not consider that most of these uneducated plebs might not have the same mental discipline as educated middle class graduates as regards refraining from making statements that might sound racist?
  11. Has anyone in the party been unpleasant to you on grounds of race?
  12. Is there any UKIP policy that you consider adversely affects non-white British citizens?
  13. Do you think being female and non-white gives you an automatic excuse for being disloyal to the purposes of the party that you willingly joined?
  14. Are you sure your family are OK about uncontrolled immigration to the UK?
  15. Do you think uncontrolled immigration will never affect non-white British citizens already here?
  16. Will you be joining the Conservative Party?
  17. How is UKIP "pandering to racism"? Please cite examples and words in the UKIP manifesto and any members you claim have made racist comments that have not yet been expelled.  
  18. Can you give examples of UKIP "cynically pursuing ever more aggressive anti-immigrant rhetoric"?
  19. You say "I am the daughter of Indian nationals and strongly support immigration." Why are you, like Alexandra Swann, surprised that UKIP is an anti-immigration party? Is this a girl thing?
  20. Why on earth did you join UKIP?  
  21. What is racism?
  22. Do you realise you have done yourself and your sex no favours by behaving in this treacherous and capricious fashion?
  23. Why don't you just admit that you are only doing this because the lefty LSE students have been giving you a hard time about being a member of UKIP?
  24. What does your father think of what you have done?
UKIP Yoof Chairwoman surprised UKIP is an anti-immigration party

Blond bimbo Alexandra Swann also surprised that UKIP is an anti-immigration party

Are most women unfit for politics? Should women who cannot stand the heat of political debate return to the kitchen and home?

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