Sunday, 11 May 2014

Barbara Hewson has blocked me on Twitter. What did I say to upset her?

Or this at

I suddenly fight the idea of shacking up with two blond anti-feminist lawyers deliciously exciting.  I know I been rather disapproving of gay marriage and civil partnerships and have vowed to abolish them when I come to power, but I cannot help but think this is a scenario that is just the stuff of a US sitcom in the style of The Golden Girls, but set in London ...  

I just have a horrible feeling that if I invited Ann Coulter to visit Barbara and me in London to stay with us in our little shack-up she might be sent right back home across the herring pond under an exclusion order drawn up by the Home Secretary herself.

Poor Barbara, she probably had the frighteners put on her because I was tweeting at her so much she felt had to block me because certain threats have been made about her future at her chambers or her future in her profession or something, if she did not do something to show her disapproval of me and my views. But stick with me, babe, I will work something out in the end.  

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