Friday, 2 May 2014

OFFICIAL: Britain now no longer has any alpha males
Max Clifford jailed for eight years for sex assaults
Jeremy Clarkson: BBC upbraids presenter over 'racist' clip

I know the British Prime Minister is officially considered the alpha male of Britain, but we all know that the British ceased to respect their Prime Ministers a long time ago.  Therefore only powerful men who were not politicians were the unofficial alpha males of Britain, but one by one they have been systematically persecuted and humiliated.

While feminists may shrug indifferently or even cackle with glee at these men getting their comeuppance, it will come to the notice of the foreigner that the British do not in fact have an alpha male to represent them, and treat them accordingly.

From now on British men who no longer have free speech are officially lower than women who could well be making false accusations using a legal process that is the opposite of fair.

I fear for these men, especially those who are now ignorant and arrogant enough to still be in denial. We know what happens to a nation that is known not to have masculine and parental authority, in which every policy is subverted to the preferences of the slut and whose men are afraid not only of their women, but the worst of their women.
Harriet Harman urges the BBC to sack Clarkson.

Will the woman said to be a one of the "covert supporters of child abuse" calling for the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson get her way? If so, this means that the position of men - even men perceived to be alpha males in Britain - is precariously low.  In truth, there is no alpha male of Britain, for no man can be said to be an alpha male if he fears to criticise the morals of the omega female, and the SSM  is the classic example of the omega female. Because of how representative democracy works in an environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage, the alpha male of Britain and all the others who aspire to take his position are too afraid to offend the omega female, who have the vote.

It can be seen that if Clifford had not been arrogant and defiant, and instead bowed his head, complained of a rotten childhood and being abused by his father or even cried a little at how suicidal the whole business had made him, he might have gotten off.

That's all right then. Men just have to shuffle around like a servile servant, submissive and supplicating, to stay out of trouble. A life worse than death was what women used to be threatened with if they were immoral. Now men are afraid of immoral women.

The solution is simple: narrow the franchise, abolish representative democracy, introduce the practise of slut-shaming and respecting marriage, but the men are now too afraid and risk-averse to even protest.

This is how civilisations die.

Woman said to be one of the "covert supporters of child abuse" calls for the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson. 

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