Thursday, 8 May 2014

How to deal with sex crimes and under-aged sex in Britain to encourage parental responsibility

It was pointed out to me that "the lack of distinction between those who commit statutory rape or indecent assault on a sexually mature individual in contrast to those who commit crimes against children is an example of populist demonising". I was also invited to contrast the behaviour of Stuart Hall and Jimmy Savile and Paul Gadd with the teacher who ran away with his under-aged pupil to France.


  1. Legalise brothels.
  2. Criminalise all extramarital sex outside brothels while dispensing with the Age of Consent as a means of regulating fornication.
  3. Raise the age at which one can legally marry to the age of legal capacity, ie 18.
  4. Make parents responsible for their children by deeming parents with daughters who have consensual under-aged sex and give birth to illegitimate offspring as unfit parents.
  5. If the under-aged slut is having under-aged sex while residing with her divorced mother, the divorced mother should be declared an unfit mother. 
  6. If the under-aged slut is having under-aged sex while residing with her her SSM, the SSM should be deemed liable to the punishment her slut daughter would have received.  For example if the under-aged slut gives birth to octuplets, the SSM who became a grandmother would be liable to 800 lashes on the basis of 100 lashes per illegitimate offspring, unless she formally disowns her daughter.
  7. Fallen women will be expected to work in brothels.  


SA Woman said...

South Africans have these same thoughts and we conduct ourselves accordingly. We punish underage pregnancy with stigma to girl and entire family

snork maiden said...

Doesn't SA have really high sexual violence statistics?

Claire Khaw said...

If women are more likely to be raped in South Africa then it is not surprising that South African women take more precautions against this. It would therefore make sense to protect yourself as a woman by not getting yourself in a compromising and vulnerable position.

Apparently, such sensible and obvious solutions are beyond the wit of the average British female, who appear to be so degenerate beyond redemption that they cannot think themselves out of a paper bag.

snork maiden said...

Hmm, actually you have that upside down. If you have a society where all responsibility is put upon the women, it effectively absolves men from responsibility, which may contribute towards higher levels of sexual violence. If SA has abnormally high rape stats, it would suggest current attitudes are not producing a more moral society is it?

It is hard to tell if you have greater contempt for British women or British men? You seem to think that men are so base and animal like that they cannot be held accountable for their actions, and therefore you only want to target women with absurd punishments. That or you're just a racist towards British people.

Claire Khaw said...

The Koran says lash anyone convicted of extramarital sex 100 times. This applies to both men and women, though in practice men are in a better position to get away with such sex crimes by skipping town.

Women could in theory skip town too but not much advantage is to be had arriving pregnant without a man in a strange town.

You don't have any solutions yourself, do you?

When you say "racist", do you mean "offensive"?