Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sir Paul Coleridge to be recruited by Claire Khaw as head of The Matrimonial Disputes Tribunal

Because Sir Paul dared to question and challenge the matriarchy on their destructive policy towards the Institution of Marriage, he lost his job.

But all is not lost, for I have a few jobs for him.

  1. Become head of the Matrimonial Disputes Tribunals that will be established all over the country explained at
  2. Sell Secular Koranism to senior members of the judiciary and the legal profession.
  3. The Marriage Foundation which he established will be turned into a campaigning organisation proposing that SSMs be lashed 100 times per illegitimate offspring, providing training for Administrators and Administratrix of Corporal Punishment. (Clearly, men will lash MCSFs and women will lash sluts. It will also propose that the Child Support Agency be abolished without being replaced. Homes for Fallen Women will be established to see that these stupid sluts do not starve on our streets, which will have the option of becoming discreet brothels, which will probably be the only means they have for supporting themselves after the Equality Act 2010 is repealed in its entirety. The illegitimate children of SSMs who enter Homes For Fallen Women recruited into state brothels will be placed in state orphanages where they will receive education and training appropriate to their abilities.)
Sir Paul recruited as head of the Matrimonial Disputes Tribunal

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