Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Suggested itinerary for Ann Coulter's trip to Britain to prevent the break-up of the United Kingdom

Day 1

Day 2

  • Record interviews with BBC, ITV, C4 and Sky warning British against tolerating SSMs, especially Scottish SSMs minded to accept the shameless bribes of Alex Salmond and also urging them to disenfranchise non-taxpayers.
  • Evening at leisure.  Pub crawl with Claire Khaw if Barbara Hewson does not have us over for a cosy dinner in her home.
Day 3

  • First Class rail travel to Glasgow the guest of the Better Together Campaign who will accommodate us at their expense at
  • Ann to make speech denouncing Scottish SSMs being the ruin of Scotsmen, their commercial interests as well as the great and historic union between England and Scotland. Robin Tillbrook the "English Democrat" also to be denounced as a treacherous little oik who is not any foreigner's idea of a proper Englishman.
Don't let Scottish SSMs bribed by Alex Salmond destroy the United Kingdom of Great Britain!
Alex Salmond is bribing SSMs with childcare and the percentage of SSMs in Scotland is over 50%!

This EVIL man wants to be King Alex of Scotland and he is bribing the SSMs of Scotland with childcare and crap to make them vote Yes. What do you think he will do with the silly little Scotties once he has them in his power in his one-party state?  He will turn them into HAGGIS, oh yes he will!
50.1 per cent of live births in Scotland were to unmarried parents in 2008!!!!  Most Scottish mothers SSMs!

Please, please, please, help me save the Scotties from sluts, Salmond and Scottish Independence, Super-Ann!

This is a job for Super-Ann! UP, UP AND AWAY!

"[Claire Khaw] makes Ann Coulter look like a member of The Dirty Girls."

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