Saturday, 3 May 2014

Barbara Hewson: "the requirement for independent corroboration in sex cases has been removed"

Men in matriarchal Britain should be very very very afraid indeed.

Imagine that you are constantly hungry and constantly being tempted with free delicious food, so delicious and seductive that it makes your penis erect at the thought of it ...

And then, should you give into temptation, the fate of Lord Rennard and Max Clifford awaits you ...

What does this mean? It means that all men of Britain will be afraid of sluts, and that they are lower than sluts and SSMs.

SSMs are omega females. An omega female is the least desirable kind of female partner if you want a wife and a mother for your children because she is already the mother of some other man's bastard.

In Britain all men who fear to criticise the slut are lower than omega females, and that is low indeed.

Imagine what a patriarchy would think of the foul low degenerates of a matriarchy. It would be like imagine the feelings of someone used to fine cuisine observing the habits of the corporophiliac.

In the Far East they already mock white men as paedos if they so much as look too long at their women or children. This is rather worse than being called the N word, isn't it? Yep, the white man is these days even lower than bad black man.  And all because he is afraid of sluts .... 

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