Thursday, 15 May 2014

"Unconscious uncoupling" is but a celebrity euphemism for "failed marriage"

It is easy for celebrities to invent new words and new concepts with the purpose of making you look good for doing something that would make the average person look bad. Anyway, nobody's fooled.

Or are they?

The word this arrogant entitled woman is avoiding is DIVORCE.

Of course, lots of ordinary people will now be calling their FAILED MARRIAGES that and trivialising their FAILURE in that way.

Imagine that: morality subverted by airhead celebrity bimbos plebs worship in their millions. They won't even notice or care.

Perhaps you can you only use that term only if you are a celebrity.
Does Paltrow, who called her own grandmother a cunt on TV, sound like a bit of CUNT to you?

I bet the Pope Francis is too scared to say anything about cunts like her. He will probably wash her feet and kiss it.
How the studio system protected morality

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