Thursday, 22 May 2014

What Charles should now say about comparing Putin to Hitler

Proposed Statement from Charles:

"I really don't know what came over me. Of course Putin isn't like Hitler, unless anyone who invades another country is like Hitler, and I do not feel, now that I have thought things through properly, that the British who once had a world empire and is even now behaving in a way that can only be described as an unedifying display of unseemly military aggression disguised as liberal interventionism, is in a position to get on their high horse on this matter. The British are after all these days merely poodles of America.  If the Americans want us to bark at the Russians then we bark at the Russians.

When we fought the Crimean War in 1834 it was was against the Russians, and they have always regarded the Crimea as their backyard.

As for what I said about Hitler, I can only say that I really really really did not mean anything by it.  I was in the presence of a Jewess who was also a Holocaust survivor. This situation made me feel socially obliged to bring Hitler into the conversation to show that I sympathised with her on the one hand, and on the other relate it to something that was topical.  That really was all. Although that tiresome man Edward Lucas has rushed to my defence at there really was no need, and I entirely disagree with him about Winston Churchill, who lost the British their world empire in his fits of drunkenness, depression and the desire to take reckless risks in order to aggrandise himself as a wartime leader.  

If, as A J P Taylor said, WW2 was a continuation of WW1 then what was WW1 really about? Belgian neutrality? Surely not.  The military opportunism the Germans displayed during WW1 was probably because they felt left out in the scramble for Africa and wanted a place in the sun over which they could place their towel, but they are good people really. Perhaps we should blame ourselves for not being more nicer to the Germans who are after all our Teuton cousins who also brew good beer. It seems incredible that the British could have lost their empire over something as trivial as Belgian neutrality.  I suspect the British lost their empire because their policy of being nasty to the Germans for the sake of being nasty to the Germans turned around and bit their sorry asses.  It is now perhaps time to question our political system that allows only fools and knaves to govern us. There.  Why don't you people put that in your pipe and smoke it?" 

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