Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What Nigel Farage should do to get a UKIP *LANDSLIDE* in GE 2015

  1. Invite MPs who voted for an EU referendum to join UKIP.
  2. Promise a leadership election ASAP.
  3. Fight GE 2015 with as many of the MPs above.

This really would transform the British political landscape.  

The best case scenario is all 111 of them joining UKIP, but even getting fewer than half of them to jump ship would still be enough to scare the LibLabCon shitless.  

They can only be persuaded to join if they know they have a sporting chance at the leadership and the rules will not be rigged against them.  

To tempt them they shall also be offered rights similar to those given to members of the Chinese Communist Party, which are to DIE FOR, as far as a member of a UK political party is concerned. They should all know that they have no rights to speak of anyway. 

Article 4. Party members enjoy the following rights:

1) To attend relevant Party meetings, read relevant Party documents, and benefit from the Party's education and training.

2) To participate in the discussion of questions concerning the Party's policies at Party meetings and in Party newspapers and journals.

3) To make suggestions and proposals regarding the work of the Party.

4) To make well-grounded criticism of any Party organization or member at Party meetings, to present information or charges against any Party organization or member concerning violations of discipline or the law to the Party in a responsible way, to demand disciplinary measures against such a member, or call for dismissal or replacement of any incompetent cadre.

5) To participate in voting and elections and to stand for election.

6) To attend, with the right of self-defense, discussions held by Party organizations to decide on disciplinary measures to be taken against themselves or to appraise their work and behavior; other Party members may also bear witness or argue on their behalf.

7) In case of disagreement with a Party resolution or policy, to make reservations and present their views to Party organizations at higher levels even up to the Central Committee, provided that they resolutely carry out the resolution or policy while it is in force.

8) To put forward any request, appeal, or complaint to higher Party organizations even up to the Central Committee and ask the organizations concerned for a responsible reply.

No Party organization, up to and including the Central Committee, has the right to deprive any Party member of the above-mentioned rights.

It is proposed that members shall have access to Independent Arbitrators if there is any dispute as to the fairness of any internal party disciplinary hearing.  I am very happy to offer myself as their first port of call, known as I am for my judicious impartiality.

What I also propose is that those who want to be leader throw their hats in the ring and vote for a leader using rules similar the Papal Conclave.


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