Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Why Boko Haram does not want Nigerian boys to grow into the pussywhipped manginas Western men are

Joanna Williams, Education Editor of Spiked:

It’s worth noting that feminist campaigners began shifting their attention away from education in the UK and on to the schooling of girls in parts of Africa and Asia at the very point that girls in Britain began academically out-performing boys at every level. Today, girls in the UK do better at school than boys, from Key Stage One (aged seven) through to most subjects at A-level. They even do better at university, with more girls getting 2.1 or first-class degrees than boys. Although, in some subjects, boys still get more of the very highest marks, this is a gap that is closing year on year. When concern is raised about the comparatively poor performance of boys, the standard feminist response is that disparities in educational attainment are only perceived to be a problem now that girls are on top, a hard-won accomplishment that balances out a long period of history when few saw boys performing better as in any way problematic.

One reason for the comparative educational success of British girls is that schools have become thoroughly feminised institutions. Competition has been replaced by co-operation; coursework and modular tests have replaced final exams; emotional intelligence and mindfulness are the buzzwords of many of today’s classrooms; even playgrounds are policed and playfights are outlawed in favour of sitting on the ‘friendship bench’. Now, campaigners are seeking to bring this feminisation of education not just to schools, but also to African and Asian societies more broadly. Values derided as ‘masculine’, such as rationality, anger, self-interest, strength and risk-taking, are seen as social problems which can be solved through the education of girls.

They don't want their girls to grow up into SSMs or Feminazis either.

Understandable, in a way.

They are probably reading about what has happened to Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Richard Scudamore and are thinking to themselves:

"If this is the future for us if let our girls have Western education, we will fight and kill to avoid it. We do not want to become lower than SSMs like all the men in the West are, promoting gay marriage worldwide, being called Nazis just because we dare to complain about immigration, afraid of criticising sluts and bastards. We do not want men to be lower than the worst kind of women - SSMs - and have feminazis squatting over our heads, pissing and shitting on us whenever they please while accusing us of sexual offences that was supposed to have happened nearly 40 years ago as well as sacking us from our jobs for saying anything a feminazi might find offensive."

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