Monday, 5 May 2014

Why males need protection from sluts

Men should just admit that they are the weaker sex when it come to refusing no-strings sex from sluts.

It is easy to give men sex which is bad for them as it is to give sweets to children.

Asking men to refuse no-strings sex is to ask someone who is permanently hungry to refuse a free meal.

Getting a woman to give you no-strings sex is like getting a woman to cook for you.

These are the differences feminists refuse to acknowledge, let alone consider.

It is true that a woman finds it easier to say no to no-strings sex than men, isn't it?

Once men admit that they are the weaker sex where that is concerned, then they and their society will finally get the protection needed.

My punishment? 100 lashes each and no support for the baby if the mother ain't married to the father. It is the only language stupid sluts understand, I am afraid.  

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