Thursday, 1 May 2014

Why Trojan Horse Muslim parents don't want sex education and co-ed schools

Because it turns their daughters into sluts and their sons into MCSFs.

This is precisely what the Trojan Horse Muslim parents wish to prevent by banning sex education from Birmingham state schools who are majority-Muslim. There are in fact many non-Muslim parents who want to do the same thing who would support such organisations as the Family Education Trust. Being Christian, they can't act their act together to do so, because we know that Christianity and hypocrisy go hand in hand, and cowardice is the main ingredient of hypocrisy.

Perhaps they have reason to fear. A High Court judge was forced to resign because he dared to support marriage. (We should discover the names of the his colleagues who opposed his views, should we not? Any judge who opposes marriage must be morally suspect, must s/he not?)

Why might Muslims want to segregate the sexes?

Is it because they want their sons to learn masculine values - and more importantly, learn the skills of leadership and character that would help their sons become leaders and alpha males - that are more easily inculcated in an all-male environment?

Leadership skills should be taught in boys' schools, or ought to be.

In a co-ed environment, the perceived alpha male is the one the girls go for. So boys are psyched to learn how to please girls from early adolescence. That is why the morals of this country have turned into the SHIT they have become.

The more I think of it the more I think the Trojan Horse Muslim parents have it right. I rather admire the way to have got it together to try to do what they did.

Lots of non-Muslim parents want to withdraw their sons and daughters from sex ed, because it turns their daughters into sluts and the sons into MCSFs.  (The MCSF is explained at Too bad the people at The Family Education Trust, The Marriage Foundation, The Christian Institute, Christian Concern and The Conservative Women don't have the guts to say so, and are secretly glad in their Islamophobic way that the more enterprising Muslim parents have got themselves into trouble again with the liberal establishment.

We live in a matriarchy and all matriarchies are pornocracies.  The pornocracy recruits fresh blood by turning our sons into MCSFs and our daughters into sluts.

Most British women are sluts these days.

Sluts (women who have sex with men not their husbands) tend to become SSMs.

Most British mothers are SSMs.

'The whites have become black' says David Starkey.

By 1996, 70 percent of inmates in state juvenile detention centers serving long-term sentences were raised by single mothers.

The real root of crime in Jamaica where 85% of mothers are SSMs.

The Bhagavad Gita indicates the position we should take on SSMs if we are to save our civilisation.

Are 83% of female MPs morally corrupt, compared to only 48% of male MPs?

Cultural Collapse Theory

Remember: all advanced civilisations are patriarchies, and all primitive and declining civilisations are matriarchal.  

A patriarchy condones male promiscuity while a matriarchy condones and rewards female promiscuity.

A properly regulated patriarchy would have an alpha male.

In a matriarchy all males are afraid of criticising sluts. This means all males are lower than the omega female. The omega female would be considered the least desirable female if you are looking for a wife and mother for your children, because she has already given birth to some other man's bastard - the SSM. The deemed alpha male of Britain is its Prime Minister. Is David Cameron afraid of cirticising SSMs, who have the vote? Does any leader of any political party in the UK dare to criticise SSMs, who have the vote?

It is dangerous to allow your society to become a matriarchy because matriarchies are atomised societies - the opposite of being socially cohesive - who are vulnerable to their internal and external enemies.

Who are the internal enemies of any society? Socialists, sluts and their running dogs, I would suggest.

How to solve the problem of matriarchal hegemony

Out of two evils, it would be moral and rational to choose the lesser evil, and it is clear that the patriarchy is the lesser evil.

Please help me save Western civilisation from sluts.  All other races and nations who have enjoyed the benefits of Western civilisation should have a care too.

Tolerating illegitimacy is the act of allowing your race to be taken over by an inferior race.  Their agents are the SSM, the cancer of your society.

How chasing the female vote took away our liberty and increased our taxes

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