Friday, 13 June 2014

Advice to Jean Marie and Marine Le Pen

I would just have said, if I were her, that

"Dad does have his views about Jews, and I do wish he would refrain from frightening them, but his bark is worse than his bite, really."

Politics is not some sort of word game like TABOO.

It is just ridiculous to be forbidden officially or officially from saying words like "gas", "roast" and "oven" in a sentence containing the word "Jews". Where will it end? Would it be a public order offence to say "The Jewess put her roast into the gas oven which she was preparing for the Sabbath"?

It is really time for Jews to man up, it really is. It is undignified to carry on like a tattletale schoolgirl threatening to tell on everyone, and go boo-hooing to the teacher at the drop of a hat. Jews are affected by Muslim immigration too, aren't they?  

If it is always Jews who criticise Le Pen then why shouldn't he say rude things to them too?

It is not like the FN are proposing to actually gas/roast them, is it?

I would just have said, if I were him, that

"I did indeed use the word to cause them offence, just as I was caused offence by their constant harping on about my alleged antisemitism and their hysterical and sensationalist focusing on words I have used. The fact remains that the FN manifesto has no policy about the gassing or roasting Jews and as far as I know has no plans to introduce anything about the gassing or roasting of Jews. Should it ever do so, I am sure I would be long gone by then. I have nothing further to say on this matter."

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