Friday, 13 June 2014

An evening with Claire Khaw and Doreen Lawrence courtesy of the Labour Party


It's my honour to invite you to join my table at a Labour dinner and party hosted by Ed Miliband on 9 July in London. 

Please make a suggested donation of £3 to help us win the next election, and you (and a friend) will be automatically entered into a draw to be my guests at Labour's annual gala dinner next month. 

You'll have a chance to chat with Ed Miliband, and then you'll join me at my table for dinner.
We want to give this opportunity to supporters from anywhere in the country, so Labour will cover travel to London and a night's accommodation for you and your guest. 

There will be many great and inspiring Labour supporters, campaigners and politicians there to celebrate — and I hope you'll be there too. 

Good luck, and I hope to see you on the night. 

Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon OBE"

Who should be my ideal guest?

  1. Nick Griffin
  2. Nigel Farage
  3. Nick Clegg
  4. David Cameron
  5. Katie Hopkins
  6. Anjem Choudary
  7. Asghar Bukhari
  8. Ann Coulter
  9. Roger Scruton
  10. Wendi Deng
  11. Barbara Hewson
  12. Max Keiser
  13. Dame Jenni Murray
  14. Julie Bindel
  15. Laurie Penny
  16. Helen Lewis
  17. David Aaronovitch
  18. Rabbi Sacks
  19. ?

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