Thursday, 12 June 2014

British values are not an ideal, merely an expression of the status quo.

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Michael Gove Politician

There is something rather unBritish about seeking to define Britishness. Rather like trying to define leadership, it’s a quality which is best appreciated when demonstrated through action rather than described in the abstract.

As a Scot who, like Brown, has made his career in London and whose family are now rooted in England, I feel immensely fortunate to be a citizen of a cosmopolitan state where nationality is defined not by ethnicity but sustained by the subtle interweaving of traditions and given life by a spirit of liberty.

Britishness is best understood as an identity shaped by an understanding of the common law, refined by the struggle between the people’s representatives and arbitrary power, rooted in a presumption in favour of individual freedom, enriched by a love of the quirky, local and unique, buttressed by anger at injustice, constantly open to the world and engaged with suffering of others, sustained through adversity by subversive humour and better understood through literature than any other art.
But if you really want to understand Britishness you need to ask why the British find Tracey Emin loveable, regard Ealing comedies as sacred, look on the world of Wodehouse as a lost Eden, always vote for the underdog on Big Brother, make the landscape the central character in their Sunday evening dramas, respect doctors more than lawyers and venerate their army but have never had a soldier as leader since the Duke of Wellington.

Do you think this mush is going to make Muslims give up Islam and buy into this fey idea of Britishness and be OK about their daughters becoming sluts after sex ed who become SSMs and their sons being divorced by their slut wives who then lose their homes and access to their children?  Not if they have their heads screwed on properly. What are British values?  What I would like British values to be  What should be the ten defining core British values?

British values are not an ideal: they are whatever they happen to be. Right now, the Education Secretary says they are gender equality and democracy.

This seems to mean that no one may propose or campaign for the return of the patriarchy or discuss whether our environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage is compatible with good government and the long term national interest.  If that is the case, then COUNT ME OUT of this dementia called "British values".
Human rights are a conceptual nonsense
Is Britain a Christian country?  

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