Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Spiteful censorious feminazi wants my account suspended because she did not like my answer about why men hate Mary Beard

If Mary Beard deals with the question below properly I might have some respect for her:

Mary Beard: too ugly for TV and the agent provocateur of misogyny?
Is Mary Beard a red rag to misogynists? Is putting her about a tactic of the matriarchy to provoke men into making misogynistic comments for which they will be prosecuted and persecuted as a warning to other men who presume to criticise any woman for any reason at all?

Will someone buy this woman a haircut or do I have to do everything myself? I hope she will visit one of these hairdressers at

Women should never play with their hair, even if they have beautiful hair.

If you played with your hair when you had beautiful hair, you will continue to play with your hair even after it has become really quite repulsive.

OMG.  I will probably find myself playing with my own hair now after saying this. I do hope Alexandra Swann doesn't play with her beautiful hair.

If your hair is beautiful enough, someone else will play with it.

The beautiful Alexandra Swann with her beautiful hair which I hope she does not play with. She is a bimbo with THREE DEGREES!  


Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting article that relates to SSMs for you:

That comment thread would be a good opportunity for you to get stuck into some debate with some of your ideological enemies!

Claire Khaw said...

Thank you for that. I am reminded of which demonstrates how casual sex, which feminism condones, leads to the casual killing of babies.

Sheila Middleton said...

Mary Beard euuuuuuuuch cannot abide her.

She looks like a saggy titted dirty old hippy in need of a good wash and a good dentist.

Claire Khaw said...

I am glad we are agreed about how distracting and annoying she is, Sheila!

I am interested in Classical history myself, but wonder how many boys and men she has put off because of her egregious dress sense.

Colisha Harris said...

When did Stephen Fry get a sex change?

Claudia said...

Alexandra Swann is tasty. Need more glamour in politics

Marc said...

'Voice of Reason'... what a joke. Very trite.

Claire Khaw said...

You probably don't remember the late Woodrow Wyatt who also had a column called Voice of Reason.