Saturday, 14 June 2014

How to reduce rape and false rape accusations by encouraging and respecting marriage

If you forbid all extramarital sex and propose to lash the mothers of illegitimate offspring 100 times per illegitimate offspring, you will find that a significant number of women will cease being quite so free with their favours.

Also, if you propose that all rape victims be financially compensated according to the price of sex, it can be seen that the price of sex will be very low indeed if most of the women in your society are sluts.

Sluts are of course fornicatresses prepared to have sex with men who are not their husbands, and it cannot be denied that the overwhelming number of British women are indeed fornicating sluts.

The offspring of fornicating sluts are illegitimate bastards, and "bastard" is not a derogatory term in all cultures and countries for nothing, is it?

The long and short of it is that the offspring of this kind of mother are degenerate, low-achieving and probably criminal, because, apart from the being half full of stupid slut genes, they tend not to be brought up properly with parent interested in their upbringing and education.

If you forbid contraception to all except the married who have completed their families and those transacting in the world's oldest profession, then you would carve out even more the slut as a supplier of sex. I would be OK about any woman declaring herself to be a prostitute but only working for one client who happens to her current boyfriend.

The advantage of doing this is to get men to pay for sex, because allowing them to accept free sex from sluts corrupts their characters.

A properly patriarchal society would see to it that the suppliers of sex are mainly married women with the rest of the slack being picked up by prostitutes.

Currently most of the sex that takes place is extramarital sex being supplied by fornicating sluts, and that is why the country is going down the toilet. If most women are sluts, then most mothers are SSMs

If most mothers are SSMs, then most children are bastards.

widespread bastardy = racial, national and civilisational degeneracy
widespread bastardy = matriarchy
matriarchy = cancer
SSMs = cancer cells

I do not call this country Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland - the Land of Compulsory Fornication - for nothing.

The reason we have more rape accusations now than before is because people are no longer clear about the rules. The feminazi female appears to think that it is perfectly in order to retrospectively withdraw her consent if she later regrets making such a slut of herself to a man she wishes she had not allowed to have intercourse with her, when she has sobered up and discovered that he is only a lowly waiter and only regarded her as another slut to be pumped and dumped.

Consider, if you will, sex as a commodity that is displayed everywhere and as something displayed on the stalls of open markets. Pornography should be regarded as analogous to advertising this commodity.  Those interested in these goods should be regarded as analogous to permanently hungry men.

The solution then, is obvious: instead of displaying these goods in open stalls that you already know are being swarmed by permanently hungry men, display them in a box behind a glass cabinet in a shop. This immediately raises its price and its perceived value while keeping it safer.  

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