Friday, 6 June 2014

My class and gender analysis of the decline and fall of the West, caused by sluts and the white man's fear of offending them

It was through joining all a number of political parties that enabled me to arrive at my class and gender analysis of British society and the British political system. I am not going to write a paper on it but it can be briefly summarised as follows:

You can easily divide and rule by creating further divisions within the existing divisions of any society.

The English are a class-ridden society riddled with class rancour, but the English love their class system and love denigrating the classes above and beneath them,.

The biggest unofficial tribe is the "tribe" that is male and female.

This was how I imagine the theory of Yin and Yang was arrived at. Once you get gender relations exactly right you will have order and progress. If you get it wrong you will have strife, chaos and decline.

The only way of balancing the power of each sex is to impose the institution of marriage and regulate the sex instinct of the people. If you let people fuck whoever whatever wherever whenever you will get a bunch of degenerate illegitimate offspring which will be brought up badly by their stupid dysgenic slut mothers, and the next generation will be worse and the subsequent ones even worse, and then the Muslims will take over after the Jews have sucked them dry, or some similar doomsday scenario favoured by antisemites and Islamophobes. Christianity, being now utterly feminised and the Church colonised by Commie Pinko Homos and Feminists is now only a source of income and status for those who wish to subvert the real teachings of the Abrahamic faiths.  The Abrahamic faiths all promote the same moral values viz social conservatism and the prohibition of extramarital sex.

However, since most British women are sluts and most British mothers are SSMs, this means most men are MCSFs and most children are bastards.  These people are unlikely to acquire the moral courage or authority to say or do anything effective against the insane social policies of the liberal political establishment.

No good will come of this because we already know that people get the government they deserve, and sluts and bastards are not a source of good government, nor do they deserve it.

In the meantime, the legitimately born will easily outdo the illegitimate, perpetuating their superiority and their oppression of the illegitimate, who are economically, socially, culturally, intellectually and genetically inferior.

No nationalist will support marriage even when it is abundantly clear that it is the desecration of this institution which has so fatally compromised the white male.

When you would expect nationalists to care about racial health and hygiene, but they don't and won't and say that the problem is something else, you know the end is nigh.

Nationalists prefers to call this issue a mere obsession of mine, because they know they don't want to do anything about it and are in any case not in a position to do anything about it.  None of them care to examine the nature and purpose of marriage, because most of them are SSM-parented or have themselves impregnated SSMs and are themselves despised, illegitimate and lower class.

And that is why all the other nationalists have the same position on marriage as Nick Griffin's: avoidance and silence.

Being mostly confirmed bachelors or in fact unmarriageable, they already know that they have as much chance of selling marriage as an ugly pock-marked woman has of selling beauty cream. They already know they have lost the game, because they wield no moral authority, for beta-omega males who are scared, stupid and skint are expected to suffer, especially when they are so unfit for purpose that they cannot complete with immigrant labour even in the field of unskilled manual labour. No one cares about these lower class racists whom no sane employer would want to hire.

Nothing will change, nothing will be said, and the white race will carry on sliding down its slippery slope to NIGGERDOM as more and more of their middle class lose their middle class status when their slut daughters present them with bastard grandchildren who are the spawn of a carelessly chosen short-term sex partner who was probably a jobless autistic learning-disabled loser or a drug-addicted criminal they had sex in a toilet with when they went clubbing, whose name they have forgotten if they ever knew it.

The only surprise is that these white men who call themselves nationalists who have already lost everything anyway won't even acknowledge the truth as they lie dying on their death beds ...

Instead, they prefer to whinge about the Jews or how Muslim grooming gangs groom the abandoned daughters of slut mothers, because they are so low they are afraid of offending these SSMs, who would withhold sex as well as votes from them.

What about the alpha males, the non-plebeian nationalists? They tend to be chinless wonders like Gregory Lauder Frost who is the Treasurer and Vice President of the Tradition Britain Group who apparently loathes feminism so much he will not discuss it, or a celibate Catholic like John Kersey, also Vice President, who urges white men to have large families, or yet another Catholic like its third Vice President Christopher Gillibrand who cannot bear to acknowledge the failure of Christianity.  It is of course Catholics who fear and hate Islam most, but there is nothing else left in the world to reimpose social conservatism now, is there? To expect UKIP or the BNP to ever acquire sufficient moral authority when its leaders are so cowardly and venal as well as painfully shy of discussing sexual morality is rather like waiting for the Second Coming of Christ.

I have often wondered why I have been regarded as persona non grata at TBG meetings without a proper explanation, but I now suspect it is because they hate and fear Secular Koranism, which they cannot bring themselves to discuss without having fits of the vapours.

So there you have it. If you wonder what your civilisation is dying of, it is of sluts and the men who are so afraid of offending parasitical sluts who are the agents degeneracy that they dare not officially and uncompromisingly support the institution of marriage. To do this, they would have to acknowledge that supporting the institution of marriage would logically mean forbidding extramarital sex, and this they will not contemplate doing in the same way that an addict who has no long term incentive to give up will not contemplate giving up his habit, even as he loses his job, his wife, his children, his home and his self-respect.


Claudia said...

Brilliant assessment

Claire Khaw said...

Why, thank you so very much for taking the trouble to say so, Claudia!