Saturday, 21 June 2014

Peter Rodger's OH MY GOD was an utter waste of time and no more than liberal platitudes and propaganda

Below are comments that could amount to a review by a fellow activist who saw that documentary.

Peter Rodger = excellent camera work/photography/locations/variety of interviewees but predictably anti-religious.

Elliot Rodger had very little chance to get sound morals from his father. Peter did a whole doc. on "God" w/- basically ignored morals!

What is supported in that doc. = very vague New Age "we are all God" "be yourself", organized religion sucks mumbo jumbo.

Jews = barely discussed, Muslims = most are violent, Catholics = sexually repressed, & official. organized rel. causes wars/violence.

It must have taken years to make that documentary - time better taken w/- looking after his son morally!

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