Thursday, 5 June 2014

The gutless lily-livered white men of the West who need the validation of women and the Greek who shakes his fist at the matriarchy

Compare the above to Nikolaos Michaloliakos at and breathe in the difference.

One has to wonder why these "men" need the validation and permission of women to say what they want to say and then hide behind the skirts of women when some other women want to beat them up for wanting to say what they want to say. What a hopeless bunch of effeminate losers.

Real men would have known what to do with these female protesters if they tried anything, but there are no real men any more, just penises attached to minds that think like frightened old women suffering from dementia.

No wonder men who might be interested in this would rather die than have anything to do with them and be seen anywhere near Detroit for the duration of the conference.

Wow, and to think I actually emailed them and asked if I could speak at this conference! It would be like joining the English Democrats.  

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