Thursday, 19 June 2014

What to do with women convicted of making false rape accusations

I bet Alison Saunders feminazi DPP is very disappointed and will be shortly issuing a statement declaring this very soon, just as she did when John Terry was acquitted at

What should happen to women who falsely accuse men of rape?

The Koran treats extramarital sex between a man and a woman the same: 100 lashes. Extramarital sex can be both fornication and adultery. I am sure most reasonable people would agree with me that a rapist should be punished more than a mere adulterer/fornicator, say 200 lashes minimum.

In the Koran, a person who falsely accused someone of adultery attracts the punishment of 80 lashes. So, under this principle, if the accused would have been convicted of 200 lashes if convicted of rape, her false accuser would receive 80% of this sentence if she is convicted of making a false accusation ie 160 lashes in this instance.

Or perhaps the false accuser should be made to give free sex to a man nominated by the court from range of applicants. These applicants would come from a group of men known to be beta-omega males who are clearly unmarriageable and are regular clients of the local brothel.

This session of free sex would take place under the supervised conditions of the brothel. The brothel supervising this could offer a raffle for this opportunity to get sex free from this woman if customers use their services for a defined period of time. There are all sorts of marketing possibilities for this sort of thing, really. If she wished to get out of giving this nominated beta-omega male free sex, she could pay the cost for hiring the services of a prostitute on this man's behalf.

I am really not interested in spending taxpayers' money accommodating these neurotic women for two years, as Eddy Butler proposes. He wants them jailed for that time, and prisons are expensive. Public punishment for such offences would be the quickest way of effecting punishment while instructing the public about what they can and cannot do.

Feminazis silencing free speech

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Anonymous said...

It's weird, I'm a young female and would be too embarrassed to admit this to anyone but what you say actually makes perfect sense, about the public punishment rather than (expensive) jail.
Something like 80 lashes, publicly would be perfect, yet people seem to have thrown rationality out of the window and would be too horrified by even the suggestion, so would reflexively discount the possibility.