Saturday, 21 June 2014

Why female sexuality must be controlled and why Muslims refuse to "integrate"

The kind of bad boy sluts or "sexually liberated women" prefer.

The female with low morals and low understanding can only understand the lowest form of masculine expression: mastery over other men through aggression and violence. The thought of having intercourse with a man like that makes her pussy tingle.

More and more women, being sexually liberated, will simply pursue their sexual pleasure at the expense of society, while weak men in positions of authority are too embarrassed or afraid to criticise such women because they have already been pussywhipped into submission by feminazis, wives, slut girlfriends and female colleagues. They probably don't even dare discuss such things with each other.

Most women, if they were to answer honestly, would rather have sex with females which alpha males would find attractive than have sex with or marry some abject piece of beta-omega shit with no money and bear his children.

The nanny state and education system has turned most men into pieces of beta-omega male shit, and it is too late for them to stop being stupid, skint and scared. These men simply don't know how to be men any more and are both despised by foreign men and their women who will cheat on them and fuck murderous criminals if they haven't already turned lesbian.

That is why the white man is so held in so much contempt and his culture despised by Muslims who would rather blow themselves up than integrate only to live as drones servicing the pornocratic matriarchy, while seeing their daughters become sluts and then SSMs while their sons become MCSFs, or divorced men deprived of their homes and children, and their grandchildren brought up by slut mothers.
Research about sexuality reveals 15% of males receive 70% of non-marital sex. If this is true, females are determining sexual and professional outcomes for males. If sexual selection is based on characteristics which are, due to societal evolution, no longer optimal in terms if favorable societal outcomes, are females then mandating incompetent leadership in male power structures?

Facebook pages of sluts AKA "sexually liberated women" drooling over convicted criminal:

Meanwhile, beta-omega males in politics refrain from challenging feminism, which affirms the right of women to be sluts and impose their reproductive choices on society. To these evil feminist sluts, the long term national interest is an alien concept. Do men who fear to criticise such women deserve everything they get? You betcha. What do you think any educated man in politics will do when he reads this? He will bury his head even deeper in the sand. What happens to ostriches when they do that? They get their arses kicked to kingdom come.

It is already pretty damn clear that a white male Conservative MP is lower than a brown female lefty immigrant.
These useless male Tories fucked by limp-dickery don't mind sinking lower though. They are now so used to grovelling to feminazis they probably enjoy it, and look forward to doing more of the same in the future.  

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