Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Woman's Hour encourages wives to inflict disabled offspring on their husbands and then blame them when they walk away

After the delivery, the midwife made the initial call on whether or not an infant was healthy and fit to rear. She inspected the newborn for congenital deformities and testing its cry to hear whether or not it was robust and hearty. Ultimately, midwives made a determination about the chances for an infant’s survival and likely recommended that a newborn with any severe deformities be exposed.

"Only a Roman citizen held the status of pater familias and there could only be one holder of the office within a household. He was responsible for its well-being, reputation and legal and moral propriety. The entire familia was expected to adhere to the core principles and laws of the Twelve Tables, which the pater familias had a duty to exemplify, enjoin and if necessary enforce, so within the familia Republican law and tradition (mos maiorum) allowed him powers of life and death (vitae necisque potestas).

The laws of the Twelve Tables required the pater familias to ensure that "obviously deformed" infants were put to death." 

These selfish evil feminists want to encourage stupid women to waste their lives, ruin their marriages while burdening the taxpayer even  more so they can feel all warm and compassionate inside while expecting other women to suffer the consequences of their evil and misguided beliefs. Ignore these women and, if you dare, denounce these evil bitches. is what  happens to you when you snap and can no longer cope with your disabled children. This is what the evil evil evil women on Woman's Hour want to happen to you, probably.

The most conclusive evidence that feminism is evil is that it has caused the decline of the West and the loss of its reason through the desecration of the institution of marriage.

If you want to make your feelings known to most powerful woman in the land the matriarch Dame Jenni Murray, just send her a message at telling her you want me as a guest on Woman's Hour to explain exactly why I think her disgusting show is worse than kiddyporn in that it corrupts even more people than kiddyporn and is on air daily corrupting the morals of its impressionable and sheep-like listeners: the educated middle class women of Britain.


Perfectchild said...

Again your argument is sound,
that feminizism has paralyzed and frozen their thinking into permitting everything under the Rainbow banner of Love. You have fingered a psychological sickness.
A rational society would abort severely disabled babies out of love and kindness for that child as well as unburdening the State.

Here, there is only the love that is love 'for feeling of compassion in itself'. A narcissistic infantalized population.

This short-circuiting of the conscious mind leads them into sexual deviancy for one another for one appears more masculine and feminine than the next. You will have a hot-bed of lesbians to deal with.

Therefore, I need to really know if you are their Messiah. That a woman was sent to them as an avatar to lead them out of their darkness because no men could be found in that Nation - (and they too believed that if you were not a woman, you could never ever really know what it was like to be a woman to ever be listened to).

I need to hear: 'yes it it true that your First Commandment is to
"Love your neighbor as yourself", but I now give you a Second Commandment that is equal to this: "Love God with all your heart mind and soul" and then you will be called Children of the Light'. The 'feminine' and the 'masculine' resides in one person.

These women are the modern Pharisees. They are the blind leading the blind. You have come to heal the sick.

Are you yourself able to walk the narrow way? Or is Koranic-machoism your only solution?

If it is, then the Female will see the Inverse-Female of Mohammad, and she will be pleased to feast on the souls of men.

Claire Khaw said...

Cassandra was a prophet and was cursed never to be believed even if she was telling the truth. She was a Trojan who warned the others to beware Greeks bearing gifts.

It is not however only women who are not listened to. Nobody really listened to the aristocratic and male Tony Benn, did they? Or Enoch Powell. I imagine the reason why Jonah refused to go to Nineveh and headed the other way till he was swallowed by that whale was because he knew it was going to be hard work being a successful prophet.

I know you dislike Secular Koranism, but can you think of a better system of rules to follow?

Perfectchild said...

Claire: "...can you think of a better system of rules to follow?"

Can I think of a rule that won't be twisted, distorted, faked, deceived, perverted, and made redundant through neglect?


All I can do is recommend we teach our children to become conscious - that is the key to humanity's survival.

You have raised the alarm of Feminizm, a meme of hatred of the male. Their tattooed wimp is just a stud. How do I know? Because he get's into a rage by just reading this. Even he hates men.

This shuts down critical thinking. Power is in the makers of problems to solve those problems. And it is easy to do this.
For example, the stop smoking treatments with patches maintains their pleasure-pain with the toxin, (nicotine is a pesticide). Then companies make a whole range of various self-administrators. Yet no one said: "Eh, Dumbass, just stop". That would be too cruel. lol.

Feminizm is like crack-cocaine. Women have become hooked on it, believing they are victims just because they can imagine it.
Rolf Harris is a pervert because you can imagine it. But that does not make him guilty when it is the only evidence we have. She felt it was so, so it must be so. Her mind trumped everyone else's. Her outrage became the new reality. Her offense an illegal act.

Tell men they are stupid, and they will mostly shrug that they are at times. Tell women or Muslims they are stupid and they'll burn the radio station down. Scratch the surface and you find the vagina bump from groin to forehead.

Socialism is handled by a politburo of Communist-handlers and Islam managed by jack-of-no-trade Imams, both that worship the female form in a positive or negative way, to consume as powerful or reject as powerful, an unhealthy preoccupation around her gender.

I would therefore not structure a rule book from either prison systems.

Rules would be organic, meeting new demands as they occurred and discarded when clearer and newer insights became apparent.

They would be scientific in this respect: they worked justly in all cases because they were balanced.