Tuesday, 8 July 2014

British national identity and culture defined in the light of the MPaedophile scandal

The British in general are now known as the people with MPs who sexually abuse children in care homes or MPs who were sexually abused as children, who solicit the votes of their doubtless equally depraved voters every 5 years by pandering to their vices.

They are also known as the people who won't criticise immoral and irresponsible sluts who go on to become mothers who keep giving birth to new victims for child sex predators to prey on, as if they were a production line and conveyor belt in a factory for producing fresh victims for sex predators of all classes, nations and races when these poor bastards are abandoned by their disgusting and irresponsible slut mothers into care homes.

The fact that no man will criticise fornicating sluts who go on to become Slut Single Mothers is evidence that all men are lower than these women who are lower than lower animals.  Lower animals make more rational reproductive choices than these Spinster Single Mothers - SSMs - who probably do not remember the names of the men who impregnated them and perhaps never even thought to ask. Perhaps, even if you could pinpoint the exact date and time of the conception of their bastard they may still be uncertain as to which man it could have been who impregnated them.

I wonder if I can sue anyone for emotional distress and loss of self-esteem.

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