Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Paternity fraud = forced "marriage" of men to sluts in the West already legal for decades

Carnell Smith speaks of paternity fraud in America. The law is similar in Europe and Australasia, probably.

Listen to Carnell Smith from the third hour.

SOLUTION: The law should oblige a man to only support his legitimate children.
10 women in failed conspiracy to make men the victims of female promiscuity
What about men forced into maintaining illegitimate children who are not even theirs by fraudulent and fornicating promiscuous sluts? Isn't this a kind of forced marriage, but with no rights for the male, only responsibilities?

William Franklin is good too, from the fifth hour.

On the 6th hour there is a very affecting documentary about what happens to soldiers who have fought in Iraq after being divorced by their wives. I am sure pretty much the same thing happens to British soldiers too.

6:35 Stefan Molyneux


George said...

There are 9 states that seemed to have outlawed paternity fraud IN other states its legal for a husband to be tricked and forced to raise the wife's boyfriend's child.

Claire Khaw said...

I get it from Carnell Smith what the law says.

I am saying that you should fight it, and you fight it by getting a political party ie the Republican Party to take up the battle on your behalves.

It won't be easy, but that is the way to go.