Monday, 7 July 2014

Did Cambridge Professor of Politics Andrew Gamble mention feminism in his book as the major cause of Western decline?

Andrew Gamble, Cambridge Professor of Politics.
Does he state in his latest book the origins and the continuing causes of Western economic decline?

My theory is not in a book but is expressed rather more succinctly in the series of tweets below:
Oh, and did I say that general elections are merely politicians pandering to the vices of their voters every 5 years?

Did he not mention feminism because he did not identify as it as a major cause of Western profligacy and fear of offending female voters the operating cause of preventing Western politicians from making economically sound decisions? Or did he not mention feminism because it would not have been politic to do so and he feared the feminazis of Cambridge would crucify him?

Very predictably, Jonathan Derbyshire and Prospect Magazine have blocked me on Twitter. This is how these "liberals" "debate". I am very very happy to change my views if proven wrong, but no liberal has been able to do so.  Every time they block me without further ado, I conclude that they cannot win the argument using fair and rational means.

The New Statesman loved this book as you can see at

David Marquand, who reviewed the book, warns:

The left has no hope of winning the battle of ideas if it has nothing better to offer than a spruced-up Keynesianism. To win, it will have to jump out of the Keynesian box in which it has been trapped for too long, admit that there was substance to the neoliberal critique of the postwar Keynesian order, and think new thoughts in new ways.

Actually, all it has to do is propose the abolition of usury - which the Koran prescribes. This would please everyone because it would allow us to default on our debts and implement other Islamic measures such as the Slut-shaming  recommended at and other measures for moral regeneration recommended at including the reintroduction of slavery to kick-start the economy mentioned at, legalising brothels at, requiring those who want to marry to agree a marriage contract to allow the courts to better apportion fault in the event of a divorce, and finally enjoining charity after dismantling the welfare state at under a one-party state

All we need is conduct a referendum under the principles of Shura to vote for a Caliph and a Caliphate, and a Caliph is simply a leader who agrees to govern under the rules prescribed by the Koran.

As we all know, boys and girls, Islam is the middle way between the patriarchy and the matriarchy, and between Capitalism and Communism.

I would be very happy to advise the Labour Party on how all of the above is to be done with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience. Everything will be fine as long as they do exactly what I say.

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Perfectchild said...

Claire Khaw: "Actually, all it has to do is propose the abolition of usury - which the Koran prescribes. This would please everyone because it would allow us to default on our debts. "

Usury, (or choosing the right price to borrow money under capitalism), built the Western economies. Keynesian intervention by governments, with free taxpayer's money when markets were slumping or printing money built artificial bubbles that cleverer investors exploited. The intent was to prevent the 1930's depression after the roaring '20s. Those governments now trillions of dollars in debt have cushioned the populations to sky-rocket in numbers with inadequate housing space.

Koranic societies are all those of military juntas and dictators, so I am unable to validate your hypothesis of utopian caliphate.

As to your blame of feminist ideology as the ill of the decline of the West, alluding to their whoring and promoting single-parent and gay-parenting without the 'spirit of men' in the home is compelling - in evidencing the moral decay and reduced motivation and innovation within that country with everyone competing to be a Preferential Being, the more minority and disabled the better; rather than finding value and recognition in becoming a Do-er and receiving what you earned.

In a school Sports Day race everyone receives prizes taken from the main-prize value, that the winner would have normally got. This disincentive to achieve is mastered at an early age.

I would therefore go further behind these resentful female men-haters to the people who lit their "Torches of Freedom" and find a Chino-Soviet hand behind them. And behind them, another murderous envious ideology that steals from caravans too.