Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I like to think that male MPs would rather have me than Lady Butler-Sloss to chair the child abuse enquiry

The Home Office has announced that Lady Butler-Sloss, a retired judge and former president of the family division, will chair the child abuse inquiry. Downing Street said she was "a very strong appointment". The prime minister's spokesman said:

 It is the very wide respect that her professional expertise as well as her personal integrity commands that makes her a very strong appointment for this role. It is the width and breadth of her experience that counts.

At the home affairs committee Vaz asked Sedwill if he thought the fact that Butler-Sloss was a member of the Lords, and that her late brother, Lord Havers, was Lord Chancellor, could make it hard for her to investigate allegations potentially involving peers and senior member of the judiciary. But Sedwill replied:

She is a woman of unimpeachable integrity ... Anyone who's every dealt with her would not question for a second the integrity, capability, intelligence and rigour that she will bring to this job.

She ruled that the child killers of toddler James Bulger should be entitled to lifelong anonymity

She overrode the wishes of the parents whose 15-year-old daughter, already a mother, sought an abortion

She dismissed an appeal by millionaire racehorse owner Ivan Allan against an order that his former mistress, Glory Anne Clibbery, should be allowed to reveal details of their relationship

She blocked a mother's attempt to have her 29-year-old mentally disabled daughter sterilised

She blocked a man's legal battle to see a test-tube baby daughter, who was conceived after his relationship with the mother broke up.

In 1999 she said she supported the adoption of children by gay couples, although she did not go so far as to advocate a change in the law.

MPaedophiles should expect no mercy from her then.
Lady Butler-Sloss, Doyenne of Divorce, is Patron of the Marriage Foundation. Why not put Dracula in charge of a blood bank?


JF said...

I disagree with every ruling she made in the list posted.

She is a joke judge. Incompetent and supportive of child abusers {gays}.

Claire Khaw said...

Who would you like to chair this enquiry?

JF said...


Claire Khaw said...

So what would you like to happen?

JF said...

People like you will always bow down to and trust those in authority, no matter how many times they lie and abuse you.

Claire Khaw said...

I don't trust anyone, but I am waiting for you to tell me what you think should happen if what is being proposed is not good enough.

JF said...

There are PLENTY of legit investigators who are equipped with an incredible amount of information, detailing exactly who is involved with this systematic rape and abuse of children.

Forget fraudulent inquiries.

Get these nonces into court to face charges NOW

Claire Khaw said...

Who and what do you have in mind?

AH said...

She is also Michael Havers sister, you know the Attorney General that helped the 114 dossiers to go missing and shut down the inquiry to Elm guest house.

Claire Khaw said...

They are probably hoping she will die before the inquiry is over so they can lose some more files and start again.

JF said...

I don't know which is lost easier in Britain.

Legal files or girls virginity.

BH said...

For years, Butler-Sloss presided over the secret family courts responsible for the emotional abuse of 50,000 children per year in the UK and did fuck all about it. The only decent judge in the UK is Colleridge and he was berated by the left win freaks for voicing his support for marriage. The whole UK establishment is riddled with freaks, perverts, feminists, mangina's, and Marxist infiltrators.