Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Matriarchy further entrenches itself with more female MPs in cabinet and PC Libtard clergywomen becoming bishops

Esther McVey, dressed for a date at Downing Street.

Questions to ask yourselves about female MPs:

  1. Why did David Cameron and his advisers think for a even one moment that replacing male mediocrities with female mediocrities is going to attract votes to the Conservative Party at the general election?
  2. Do you think the female MPs might be thinking more about what to wear every day than about the principles of good government?
  3. Do you think female MPs ever think about the principles of good government?
  4. Do you think male MPs ever think about the principles of good government?
  5. Do you think the PM ever thinks about the principles of good government?
  6. Did you know that people in the Philippines have considered having it constitutionally enshrined that the people of the Philippines will never ever be subjected to the horror of having another female President? 
  7. Did you know that the reason why female leaders are crap is because they are always obsessed about the femininity and wanting to seem compassionate rather than competent and avoid making difficult decisions?
  8. Did you know women tend to favour PC Libtard crap just because that is the current orthodoxy?
  9. Did you know women tend to favour PC Libtard crap just because most of them cannot think for themselves and are not original thinkers?
  10. Did you know most women - if they knew what they were doing - would consciously wish to lower standards of sexual morality because they are biologically more vulnerable to the consequences of being a slut ie unwanted pregnancy, finding oneself in need of an abortion, having illegitimate offspring?
  11. Did you know that if women conspired to lower the standards of sexual morality for themselves, they would lower standards of sexual morality for both heterosexual and homosexual men?
  12. Did you know that, because women are vulnerable to the consequences of having an ill-advised sexual relationship ie being a slut, women would consciously or unconsciously conspire to condone extramarital sex eg be in favour of gay marriage, lowering the age for homosexual consent, not "judging" single mothers etc?
  13. Did you know that men instinctively favour social conservatism because they know it protects their interests and the civilisation their male ancestors created? 
  14. Did you know that most people are feminists these days?
  15. Did you know that a feminist is just anyone who refuses to contemplate repealing the Equality Act 2010 and abolishing no fault divorce?
  16. Did you know that feminism undermines marriage by encouraging women to be sluts?
  17. Did you know that feminists want to trash the patriarchy through trashing marriage?
  18. Did you know that marriage is what maintains the patriarchy and gives men their masculine authority and parents their parental authority all of which are lacking in our degenerate matriarchy?
  19. Did you know that all advanced civilisations are patriarchies and all declining and primitive civilisations are matriarchies?
  20. Did you know that any society that does not respect marriage is a matriarchy?
  21. Did you know that in a matriarchy most people regard their right to have extramarital sex as more sacred than the institution of marriage?
  22. Did you know that most women in Britain are sluts and most mothers in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland are Slut Single Mothers?
  23. Did you know that no political party in the UK supports supports marriage?
  24. Did you know that the ultimate way of trashing marriage is to say that same sex couples can get married?
  25. Did you know that the original purpose of marriage was for the rearing of the next generation in optimum conditions?
  26. Did you know that marriage is eugenic and bastardy dysgenic? 
  27. What do you think will happen to your society if most people in it practice purely recreational sex while trashing the values of those who have procreative sex within wedlock while the government punishes them by taxing them more?
  28. How likely will any of these female MPs speak up in support of marriage? (I am not suggesting that male MPs are at all likely to do so, but I am saying female MPs are even less likely to do so, and even less likely to suggest that the only logical way of respecting marriage is to forbid extramarital sex.)
  29. How has feminism benefited society at all except increase the opportunities of stupid selfish sluttish irresponsible and immoral women to make government and voters even more incompetent, immoral and irrational?
  30. What about Thatcher, you ask. Everything Thatcher did a man should have done, but didn't, presumably because there are no real men left anywhere in Britain to do it then, even way back in 1978 and there sure as hell ain't any men now to do anything principled or courageous now. If you think this is nothing to worry about, you really should think again. The reason given by this Malay male politician that women should not be given positions of responsibility in government - ie that women have periods - was ridiculous. He should have said women suffer from mediocrity, irrationality, excessive emotion, often being in the dishonourable position of wishing to wound but being afraid to strike, cowardice, hypocrisy, the compulsion to display indiscriminate compassion on the undeserving poor as a display of femininity and the tendency to abuse their power when they know a man fancies them. They will course be the first to avail themselves of all the excuses traditionally available to women when things go wrong.

The worst of this is that they will turn the men in their society into the worst kind of women, as we have seen.

What did the men talk about in the old days after the women had left the room, apart from politics?
I am sure they told offensive jokes about women, especially rape jokes, and the women withdrew to complain about their husbands. I would like to make it a rule that men and women can join the other group if they so wish, on condition that they never reveal to their sex what was said about them by the other. 

That we were told on the same day that we will now have female bishops as well as more women in the Cabinet was no coincidence at all.

The matriarchy is tightening her grip on the testicles of men and digging her manicured fingernails into them more deeply, but they seem to be enjoying the experience, so far.

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