Monday, 7 July 2014

The person most responsible for the suicide of Frances Andrade is .....

Jenevora Williams, the interfering bitch most directly responsible for the suicide of Frances Andrade

Mrs Williams told Manchester Crown Court at his trial: “I was disgusted by what she told me. I’d been wrestling with my conscience as to the most appropriate course of action.

“I knew raking it up would cause difficulties for people but I am a teacher and disclosure of sexual abuse is something we are trained to deal with.”

She went to the police in 2011 after she told Mrs Andrade, who had agreed. Officers went to the violinist’s home in Guildford, Surrey, where she lived with husband Levine, 57, and children, and decided to go ahead with the prosection.

Mrs Andrade told the court last month: “I was being put under pressure to give evidence. I had put myself in a place where I could deal with it emotionally and I felt absolutely traumatised by the group of people going to be affected by it. I felt so much for his [Brewer] children, his grandchildren, my daughter. My husband was ill. It couldn’t have been worse timing.”

There is never a convenient time to accuse anyone of historic sexual abuse.
But, hey, guess what, anyone accused - invariably a man, of course - who mounts a robust defence will be prevented from doing do in case it upsets the complainant - invariably a woman.

In a statement issued after the verdicts, he said: "Being repeatedly called a 'liar' and a 'fantasist' about a horrific part of her life in front of a court challenged her personal integrity and was more than even she could bear.

"She was forced to relive the many times Michael Brewer had sexually abused her as a child, both to the police on multiple occasions and in court to a hostile party.

"Having been heavily advised by the police not to receive any form of therapy until the end of the case (a process of almost two years) she was forced to cope on her own with only the support of her family and very close friends.

"This meant that, even after several attempts at her own life, she did not get the help she needed. The court system let her down."

Victimhood, thy name is Woman.

Let's fucking forget about having a trial then, guys.  If a woman accuses you, then you are guilty.  If you dare to deny your crime, she might get upset and kill herself.  Who cares about you going to jail for a crime you didn't commit and treated like a nonce by the other prisoners? Who the fuck cares, you are just a miserable worthless piece of shit attached to a penis and are worth much much less than a walking talking easily frightened and easily offended vagina who is now officially superior to you.

Would you like to imagine the role of a male in an extreme matriarchy?

There you go:

If women are never responsible for their actions, how come they have the vote?

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Anonymous said...

A friend tells you they were raped...

Yes it happened to me. I listened to the allegations.

I didn't go to the police, I didn't advise him to either. This young man in his twenties for years lacking complete confidence in himself unemployed, anxiety attacks, alcoholic.
What he then did do is go back to the man and told him in no uncertain terms what he had done to him and where to get off. This fem homosexual was left very shaken.

More importantly, was the change in the young man to become a man.

Now he was ready to go to the police.

That's when you do it. Counselling and/or therapy first for a few years, or face your demon head-on and do it in 30 minutes and see a coward appear.

The 'I'm a teacher with special training' just means you are a government agent with guidelines and loyalty to the collective above your friends.

Do unto others as you would have them do to you; is swept aside into do unto others as the state sees fit.

I wonder which friend is next.