Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Why do the women of the men's rights movement dislike me?

Hanging with some of the ladies at the International Conference on Men's Issues.
 — with Erin Pizzey,Karen Straughan and Dianna Thompson.
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  • Gene Stevens I want to thank you all for going to Detroit.. I know Erin and Karen who's videos GWW that I watch... I don't know the other ladies.. but I thank you all. You renew my faith in a broken world.
  • Elka Zwick I wish that I could have gone.
  • Don Saxton Are you eating? It doesn't look like they are feeding you. Shall I send you something?
  • Erin Pizzey Imagine finally Teri and I meet face to face. Wonderful moment to meet very real warrior. God bless Teri xx
  • Teri C. Stoddard Thank you Erin. That means so much coming from you! 
  • Teri C. Stoddard I'll take that as a compliment, Don. I've been losing weight. 
  • Rene Hollan Erin Pizzey is more than a great lady: she is a legend.
  • Chris Viere You wonderful ladies are making history...again!!! 
  • John Wayne McSweeney Is there many men at it? I know this sounds like a silly question but …...
  • Don Saxton Sorry to miss you all
  • John Gormley Claire that is bullshit!

    Men are humans, women are humans.

    Dividing the genders is one of feminists primary goals.

    So having these sparkling ladies here is as far as I personally am concerned a wonderful thing.

    I watched a TV show the other day when a mother was sticking up for her son against a nasty vicious ex-girlfriend.

    She stood her ground like a Mama bear.

    We are in this together sing or swim!
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  • Erin Pizzey Clair that is a really ignorant remark. Men and women need to come together to solve the problem of generational family violence. AVFM have always worked with women. This is the best most energised conference I have ever attended.
  • Adam Keedwell That and if there weren't any women we all know that this con would be labeled as a women's hating con, taking away rights and all that crap.

    Hard to really argue that point when a good portion of the speakers are women.
  • Susan M. Chamberlain Claire... please reflect on your words above, and really think about the absurdity in your written delivery. Nothing speaks out more from those words except ignorance and asinine.
  • John Gormley Erin Pizzey my friend you look sparkilng!

    I pray that one day I get the chance to shake your hand and give you a hug1
  • Susan M. Chamberlain Fabulous Ladies ... Thank you for your tireless efforts on this issue. Ox
  • Richard Foley How do I get in contact with these ladies i need their presence for a conference in Australia this summer. I'm working with a federal senator on family law, domestic violence and gender bias the result of legislative amendments from the EMILY's List faction within the Australian Labor Party. I'm a huge fan of the work that Erin Prizzey has done her wisdom is incredible & her stories at times brings a tear to my eyes. I wish you all the best with your current work over there.
  • Philip W. Cook Hi to all of you! So glad Erin finally got to finally meet Teri, Karen, and Dianna! Wish I could have gone and renewed my acquaintance with you all. Glad you all had a good time.
  • Deborah Watkins Wish I could have gone!
  • Dawn Thomas Oooh, look at all of those heros! I'm so mad I couldn't make it.
  • Erin Pizzey The words most people are using about this conference are: I felt I've come home, I am no longer alone, it feels like a family. This is the best most inspired conference I have ever been to. Men and women working side by side sharing a vision that together we can mend the broken places and together we can forge bonds that will take us through all the difficulties that face us.
  • Orlin Bojanov Thank you Karen for benign there for us!
  • Claire Khaw Have you all agreed on a way forward?
  • Teri C. Stoddard Claire, I'm not convinced that you have our best interests at heart.
  • Claire Khaw I have my views about what to do, of course. I think you already know what I recommend: the repeal of all anti-discrimination employment legislation and the abolition of no fault divorce. 

    Did you discuss this at all?

    If not, what you are your proposals for the future?
  • Erin Pizzey Be there and you can answer your own questions. There will be another conference next year.
  • Claire Khaw I asked to attend as a speaker, and did not receive a response. I get the impression that I am persona non grata, to be honest.
  • Teri C. Stoddard I believe that you have a lot to learn before you can be a speaker. Take some time to listen.
  • Claire Khaw I think you already knew what I was going to say, and you didn't want to hear it.
  • Claire Khaw I don't think you ladies like me at all. What is it, I wonder.
  • Erin Pizzey You are right how about listening for a change?
  • Claire Khaw What makes you think I haven't listened?
  • Claire Khaw Jonathan France, can you work out why the ladies here don't like me?
  • Jonathan France I have no right to speak for the ladies Claire. You will have to ask them directly.
  • Claire Khaw They won't tell me.
  • Teri C. Stoddard Claire, I get the feeling that you want attention, not that you want to help.
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  • Claire Khaw I asked a question both you and Erin Pizzey have obviously refused to answer, so yes, I have no trouble in acknowledging that I do want your attention. May I know why you think I may not have your "best interests at heart"?

    Also, when you say "*our* best interests at heart", who do you mean? 

    Do you mean the interests of men? Or do you mean the interests of *women* in the MRM? 

    If one is being accused of something, it is only fair to hear what these accusations are, don't you think?

    This is a rule of law established to protect the accused.
  • Claire Khaw I see that one of my comments has been deleted, but not the comments made in response to it. Why this act of censorship?
  • Teri C. Stoddard Claire, you assume that I know your stance on things. I know nothing about you. Except that your first comment to my wall offended me, which is why I removed it, you know little about the men's movement, and you come across negatively. At this point, I doubt that you have the best interest of the movement at heart. I could be wrong, but my intuitions are usually right. Show me I'm wrong, or I'm done here.
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  • Robert F. Donahue Like under the About:Professional Skills ....Feminism ?
    Like that didnt stick right out hahaha
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  • Claire Khaw I have already stated what I think should be the way forward for MRM:

    "I recommend: the repeal of all anti-discrimination employment legislation and the abolition of no fault divorce."

    What is your view on this?

    I have asked the others at
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  • Claire Khaw I would be interested in Carnell Smith's views too.
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  • Teri C. Stoddard Claire, neither of those ideas are solutions I'm looking for. If you want to know what we want, watch the videos of the conference. You can even watch Carnell.
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  • Claire Khaw What are the solutions you are looking for? 

    I have watched quite enough of your videos to know that they are all complaints of victimhood offering no solutions. 

    What solutions do YOU propose?

    Carnell was the only male speaker I was impressed with.
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  • Steven DeLuca Claire Khaw - Teri gave you some good advice, watch some of the videos. Likely you won't because it's obvious you are more interested in bashing Teri. You can bash me now if you wish. I grew up with a twin sister, love her, love my daughter and wife, have always supported women: Teaching self-defense to women and girls, taking care of my son and later my daughter while my wife received her masters, worked with teen girls in Hawaii, abused for the most part. Lived with both genders in a group home for over two years. Helped a friend work on her book about rape... That's getting close to half. But despite that, when I simply share the propaganda that feminists who have PhD
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  • Steven DeLuca Excuse me, forgot to share that I have a 100% disability from the army, military duty, hands not as steady as they should be. PhD's in victimhood. I have many feminist friends who are equity feminists. A best friend used to teach women's history but realized she had been brainwashed. Men are good Men protect women and children. Men have been bashed by feminist women in ways that leads to public, health and educational policies that are destroying relationships. So, go Teri, and I wouldn't waste time responding. She has a ways to go before she claims, as my friend that taught women's history, college level, "I am now a victim feminist in remission" Of men that parrot MSinformation from feminists, "They are philosophically castrated by the victim feminist movement." Women that only see Teri as you do are a dime a dozen. Women like Teri that expect equality, fairness, and the same care that MOST men and women give to women to also be extended to our sons and to men, women like Teri, unfortunately are rare, and priceless.
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  • Teri C. Stoddard Thank you, Steven. I would like to think that intelligent people could watch the conference videos to learn the solutions. But, maybe you and I are too close to the situation. If solutions were omitted, we'll make sure they're included next year. One idea that I know was mentioned, was joining the groups that were represented, the ones who have shown a track record of success.

I believe my comment deleted by Teri Stodard was to the effect that there should be no women in the MRM. There should be antifeminist women, of course, but they should be segregated by sex. Otherwise, it creates a very bad impression.

Men in the MRM are already perceived as beta-omega losers. For these men to seek to speak only through the permission and encouragement of women is infantile and self-abnegating, like shy little boys needing mamma's encouragement to speak but in the meantime hiding under her skirts. If I were male, I would decline to join such an organisation knowing that doing so would lose me even more status. What real man wants to be associated with a bunch of freaks and losers and the women who want to mother them?

This is the image problem of the MRM, basically.

If men chose, they could take control again just through acting like men, but these beta-omega male losers only seek validation through the permission of their women, which is simply contemptible and embarrassing.

This video interview was just so cringe-worthy and awful I am at a loss for words. Didn't you find Paul Elam laughing at all her unfunny jokes nauseating? Swearing and saying cunt a lot while giggling and being girly is so totally disgusting and weird, I just don't know where to begin.  But Elam thought this was fit for broadcast, probably because she is not unattractive as a woman. When men see a woman they fancy their brains fall out. Elam's certainly has.

When I became aware of the conference it did briefly cross my mind that I should attend.  Indeed, I went so far as to enquire whether I could be one of their speakers.  I did not even receive a response, either through administrative incompetence or perhaps it was the intention of the recipient to ignore me. It is probably their intention not to give me an official reason, so they do not have to explain themselves.

I am aware that Paul Elam is very anxious not to be seen as "traditionalist" and I know that Mike Buchanan once assumed that I was a religious fanatic and refused to accept my denials, but then he is a very angry, charmless little man who cannot see that masculine authority cannot return without men respecting marriage again, and society will not respect marriage again without laws that compel respect, or a religion that instills a belief in a God whose laws should be obeyed. They seem to think it is enough to whinge weakly weekly, while I think something much stronger is required.

As for MRM women, they enjoy the power of Affection Beneath, and don't want me telling them they shouldn't be there.

Affection Beneath. The underlying mechanism by which caretaking instincts are inspired is Affection Beneath; it is obviously inappropriate to seek to protect something or someone that is more powerful than you. Females seek to monopolize Affection Beneath. The immigrant's [or in this case the beta-omega male's] reduced status (accounting in part for his malleability), which many whites deny but which is plainly apparent to him, is allied to Affection Beneath. All the obstacles which females place in the path of their own males, and they are many, can appear to magically disappear in the case of an immigrant male because of AB. 

Why, then, you will ask, did I ask to attend? I wished to do so only to convey a message, but it turns out I can do it more effectively without the cost and inconvenience of a trip to Detroit.

Compare the pussywhippedness of the beta-omega white Western male and the organisational and martial abilities with the Muslim male jihadist for the Caliphate and you will see why the MRM is a lost cause. I do not want to be one of these middle aged women whose capacious bosoms those pathetic men want to cry into. I actually find such men pitiful and disgusting and my maternal extincts are virtually non-existent. If such a thing is possible, I am a woman with paternal extincts and deplore the fact that someone such as I know how to be a man more than they do. What these women want to do is be seen as their protector in the way so many women enjoy having a helpless creature - especially a disabled child - in their care for a combination of attention-seeking and queue-jumping purposes.  Protecting grown men must make them feel so important and special. These beta-omega males in the MRM clearly prefer a more feminine and feminised men's movement, and the public's knowledge of this will divest the movement of its virility and dignity.  These men clearly don't care, because all they want is the kindness and pity of the women who wish to be kind and pity them the way a child or beggar laps up sympathy, while all I want to do is kick their collective ass, hard.

Erin Pizzey and others must feel so threatened by what I am saying, and what I say is that the antifeminist movement should be segregated by sex. That is the reason why they cannot bring themselves to say why they find me so objectionable.

Once that happens, I wonder how many of these women will want to stay in it. The ones who can bring themselves to acknowledge that they only joined to get the adoration and attention of these pathetic loser beta-omega males will not want to be competing with other females in a female-only environment, will they?

The ones who stay after being deprived of male attention will know they are doing it for the right reasons. The ones who leave to find other sources of male attention will know also know why they did it too.

For the avoidance of doubt, I will say again here what I have said elsewhere and what I would have said at the men's rights conference in Detroit, had I been allowed to attend as a speaker:

To cut off both legs of feminism, I recommend the repeal of all anti-discrimination employment legislation and the abolition of no fault divorce. 


snork maiden said...

Why did you want to speak at their conference?

I once suggested you try the Men's Right movement, given none of the political parties want anything to do with you, and you basically dismissed the MRAs as a bunch of pathetic whiny losers.

Maybe they ignored your overtures because they read your blog?

Claire Khaw said...

I wanted to say this to the MRM conference in Detroit:

"To cut off both legs of feminism, I recommend the repeal of all anti-discrimination employment legislation and the abolition of no fault divorce."

These pathetic losers can use my ideas even if they dislike me, can't they?

These beta-omega male losers are already being controlled by MRM women who now choose which of them should be leader.

Clearly, the two most malleable and pussywhipped men have been appointed: Warren Farrell (whose voice and manner is whining and whingeing personified) and Paul Elam who says he hates anything "masculist" which is he is too inarticulate to define properly. He obviously means anything that displeases the MRM women who put him there.

These women only want beta males appointed to alpha male roles whom they can control.

The reason why Western civlisation is going wrong is because sluts get to choose who their leader is, when really only beta males should choose who the alpha male is.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

snork maiden said...

There was a poor troll called Claire Khaw
Whom everyone chose to ignore
She ranted and berated
And all but defecated
Til the MRM showed her the door.

Claire Khaw said...

Very good, but I never got in through the door, presumably because I was identified as "masculinist" by that pussyworshiping beta male Paul Elam.

perfectchild said...

There was a lone voice called Clair Khaw
On Communist winning the war
Men posing as nuns
Or posturing with guns
And females self-harming as whores.

perfectchild said...

Teri: "I know nothing about you. Except that your first comment to my wall offended me, which is why I removed it, you know little about the men's movement, and you come across negatively."

Truth is not her agenda. Love is.

On a man's blog, your post would stand as a jewel ready to be picked up or a pile of doo to step over. It remains as a guide or a warning. Only men enshrined free speech without censorship in the Constitution. It's a bloke thing.

Now, can women become men? Of course they can, because men-thinking was passed to the most heroic, those afraid to lose everything to protect what they love, and in that moment finally found clarity. This rock upon which America is based.

A men's movement, an oxymoron, that tackles the zeitgeist will become it's bitch. Because it reacts and does not lead.

There is God, There is Mankind - walk between the two imposters with dignity.

Claire Khaw said...

It rhymes and scans but isn't true of me.

perfectchild said...

Then, unequivocally, it is not you.

Claire Khaw said...


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of you before today but so far all I've seen is you talking sense. That seems to be enough in this day and age when truth and reality are politically incorrect.

Claire Khaw said...

I speak as I find.